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New York State Bar Association

Global Conference 2019: A World of Many Voices, United in Our Diversity


Date: November 6, 2019

Time: 1:25PM - 3:30PM EST

Location: Tokyo, Japan

The A-Team: We Love It When Your Arbitration Comes Together

This plenary session brings together leading arbitral institutions and seasoned practitioners in the Asia-Pacific region – our amazing A-Team! Listen to recent ADR developments and future trends in their respective jurisdictions, including Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Singapore, Ireland, Paris, Stockholm and the US. Learn how diversity and competition are driving them to constantly innovate as illustrated by their rules to promote efficiency, transparency and diversity (e.g., the Arbitration Pledge) as well as their rules on arb-med-arb/mediation, early dismissals, expedited procedures, and emergency arbitrators. US panelists will also exchange views with their Asian counterparts on a variety hot topics, collaborative efforts, and best practices.

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Professional Cropped Abrams Marc Mintz

Marc L. Abrams


Marc L. Abrams is an esteemed litigator who guides clients through complex insurance, reinsurance, and general commercial dispute matters. Marc represents Mintz clients in court and before US and international arbitration panels. He has extensive experience in recovering funds for his clients.