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Please vote for us! Employment Matters nominated...

Good news! Employment Matters Blog has been nominated for the LexisNexis Top 25 Labor and Employment Law Blogs of 2011. To our loyal readers, thank you for your support! To the first-time visitors, thank you for stopping by (and we hope this will not be your last visit).

While we are both proud and humbled to have earned this nomination, some praise should be given to you the readership as well; certainly without you, we would not be in this position! Your continued support is needed for the next step in this process as well. LexisNexis will choose the Top 25 winners based on the number of comments, or “votes,” each blog receives from its readers through September 12, when the top 25 are announced. We care about what our readers have to say at all times – but, we’d especially love to hear from you over the next few weeks.

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To vote, you must be registered; registration is free, and you can register here. We hope that doesn’t stop you from voting, but if it does, we thank you for reading and we look forward to our continued relationship. We promise to keep you informed about the latest developments in employment, labor and benefits law.

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Martha Zackin