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FTC Highlights Need for Privacy and Security in Internet Commerce

Written by Jillian Collins

The Federal Trade Commission has weighed in as part of the Department of Commerce's public comment process on privacy and security issues. According to the FTC's comment, consumers trusting that their personal information will be safeguarded is essential to the success of e-commerce, and innovation is essential to ensuring privacy in the fast-paced, ever-changing world of the Internet economy. The topic of innovation and internet privacy controls has been, and continues to be, one of the FTC’s "highest consumer protection priorities for more than a decade," according to the comment.

In the comment, the FTC laid out several aspects of its privacy program. The agency led nearly 30 enforcement cases challenging business practices that allegedly failed to secure consumers' personal information and made efforts at educating consumers and businesses about privacy and security in an online world. The FTC also has several policy initiatives including promoting self-regulation in online behavioral advertising and participates in international privacy programs. The agency hosted several privacy roundtables and plans to public privacy and security proposals for public comment later this year.

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Cynthia J. Larose

Member / Chair, Privacy & Cybersecurity Practice

Cynthia J. Larose is Chair of the firm's Privacy & Cybersecurity Practice, a Certified Information Privacy Professional-US (CIPP-US), and a Certified Information Privacy Professional-Europe (CIPP-E). She works with clients in various industries to develop comprehensive information security programs on the front end, and provides timely counsel when it becomes necessary to respond to a data breach.