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    1:30 pm - 3:30 pm EST

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    Miami, FL

Joint employment is a legal doctrine that applies when two businesses exert some degree of control over the terms and conditions of an individual’s employment. Application of this doctrine to the relationship between temporary staffing agencies and their clients often results in a finding that both entities—the staffing agency and its client—are joint employers for purposes of employment laws.

This means that staffing companies may be held legally responsible for actions taken by client companies. It is very important, then, that key managers are able to spot certain legal issues and know when to ask for help. This presentation will help key managers identify issues that are faced every day, and which may result in legal exposure to staffing agencies. Topics will include:

  • Identifying wage and hour issues
  • Disability issues and requests for accommodation
  • Identifying discrimination and harassment
  • How to handle and manage employee complaints