The 4th Gulf Intelligence UAE Energy Forum

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    12:00 pm - 1:00 pm EST

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    Yas Island, Abu Dhabi


  • U.S. Energy Independence - Could it Change the World as We Know it?
    (William F. Weld, Speaker )

William Weld will give the keynote speech, "U.S. Energy Independence - Could it Change the World as We Know it?" at the The 4th Gulf Intelligence UAE Energy Forum.

The International Energy Agency's World Energy Outlook, released last month, predicted that the US will lead the world in both oil and natural gas production by the end of the decade, overtaking Saudi Arabia and Russia. Energy self-sufficiency has been the holy grail of United States energy policy for decades and, according to experts, the US will soon be a net energy exporter. Indeed, it may have already happened.One way to get a handle on the enormity of potentially producible hydrocarbons contained in shale formations is to estimate how much recoverable oil and gas remain within the source rocks in which they were generated as compared to how much producible oil migrated into "conventional" reservoirs -- for every barrel of crude oil in conventional reservoirs that constitute the bulk of global crude oil reserves of 1.3 trillion bbls there are 8 bbls of potentially producible oil equivalents remaining in the source rock that generated that 1 bbl of conventional reserves. The US is going to be free from the need of imported crude oil soon, according to just about everyone. How would or should U.S. foreign policy change in this new era of energy independence? Would America become less concerned with providing military security in the Middle East?

Following the keynote speech, Mr. Weld will speak in the panel discussion, "Saudi America - Don't Let the Truth Get in the Way of a Good Story - Fact or Fiction?"


  • William Weld - Principal, ML Strategies
  • Jeffrey Culpepper - Chairman, Secura Capital
  • Chris Bake - Director, Vitol
  • Ibrahim Al Muhanna - Senior Advisor to the Oil Minister of Saudi Arabia


  • John Defterios - Emerging Markets Editor, CNN

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