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Christopher J. Sullivan

Real Estate Litigation

  • Represented a public REIT in litigation in the New York area for over 25 years.
  • Won a $21 million judgment for the seller of a controlling interest in a public REIT.
  • Won a $31 million judgment after trial for a partner in a New York real estate partnership.
  • Represented an Israeli bank in successfully foreclosing on or restructuring close to $1 billion in defaulted construction loans.
  • In a case of first impression on behalf of an Irish bank, obtained a court order permitting a statutory rents receiver in a $200 million mortgage foreclosure action to complete construction of the mortgagor’s unfinished condominium project in Manhattan.
  • Won a trial in the Kings County Supreme Court to determine title to two parcels of property in Brooklyn Heights.

Banking Litigation

  • Successfully enjoined UCC foreclosure sale of pledged ownership interest case in a $350 million project in Minneapolis, MN.
  • Represented major money center banks in securitized debt litigation.
  • Represented hard money lenders in lender liability and usury litigation around the country.
  • Won a bench trial in the SDNY on behalf of a community Chinese bank.

Complex Commercial Litigation

  • Representing an association of 525 garment contractors in a jury trial in the Southern District of New York, successfully removed the defendants from control of the association and (through the association) a significant part of the garment industry in New York City.
  • Won a jury trial in the New York Supreme Court against a management company for wrongfully transferring interests in management contracts.
  • Won a jury trial in the Southern District of New York for breach of a financial services consulting contract.
  • Successfully defended the majority owners of a closely-held bread crumb manufacturer in Brooklyn in 12 consecutive shareholder litigations.
  • Lead trial counsel for public company in insurance coverage lawsuit that was settled for over $63 million.
  • Lead trial counsel for corporate client in racketeering case against European lenders that was settled for over $50 million.

Legal and Accounting Malpractice

  • Won a million dollar judgment for legal malpractice arising out of reinsurance arbitration.
  • Representing a major New York City law firm in pending legal malpractice lawsuits.
  • Successfully enforced post-employment restrictive covenants in various litigations involving accounting firms, insurance agencies and manufacturers.
  • Won summary judgment dismissing sex discrimination claims against New York City law firm.

Corporate Divorce

  • Successfully defended a major New York City law firm in a series of litigations filed by a partner who was effectively expelled when the firm dissolved and reconstituted without her.
  • Successfully invalidated as an unreasonable restraint on alienation an option between business partners regarding the sale of stock in their corporation.
  • Won judgment after trial dismissing claims against group of law partners who left their firm with client relationships.
  • Defended in a precedent setting case a group of law partners who left their firm with major client relationships.

Unusual and Interesting

  • Successfully invalidated on ERISA pre-emption grounds a section of the New York Business Corporation Law that was being used to impose personal liability on the owners of closely held companies for penalties under a collective bargaining agreement.
  • Won partial judgment in the Eastern District of New York invalidating as illusory a Halachically based contract for the sale of properties in Brooklyn, NY.
  • Overturned the decision of a Bet Din religious tribunal on a motion to vacate the arbitration award.
  • Defeated a series of constitutional challenges to a defamation lawsuit against a group of religious figures involving the issuance of a “heter me’ ah rabbanim.”
Case Study
When the former acting managing partner of a New York real estate partnership misappropriated partnership monies and assets, a Mintz team led by attorney Chris Sullivan obtained a $31M award for damages.