3 Focused on What Matters As we pause to look back on the rewards of the firm’s pro bono efforts over the last year, a sense of hope and renewal emerges. We have seen an upsurge in participation, with generations of lawyers redirecting more energy to giving back. We are proud to have a program that assists individuals and organizations that otherwise would likely receive no legal support from an underfunded and overburdened legal system. At its essence, pro bono work is a byproduct of the innate human desire to do what’s right. Those whom we are privileged to serve are often challenged to overcome circumstances that threaten their safety and limit their opportunities. It is a testament to our pro bono clients that they are able to move forward in spite of the forces working against them. Our attorneys, pro bono partners, and clients have amazing stories to tell, each one a singular reminder of what we can achieve when we work together. The events of any given day can seem overwhelming and tumultuous. It is the ability to stop long enough to pay attention to the important things—to truly focus on what matters—that rejuvenates our spirits and reaffirms our sense of purpose. R. Robert Popeo Andrew R. Urban Robert I. Bodian Susan M. Finegan Chairman Vice Chairman Managing Member Chair, Pro Bono Committee