Lawyers Clearinghouse The Lawyers Clearinghouse is an organization dedicated to providing pro bono legal services to residents of homeless shelters and others in need in the Boston area. Mintz Levin is a partner of the Lawyers Clearinghouse, and for more than 20 years many Mintz Levin attorneys, project analysts, and summer associates, as well as Mintz Levin in-house clients, have contributed to the organization’s efforts by representing its clients in a wide variety of housing, immigration, social security, and other matters. Attorneys Jehanne Bjornebye, Samantha Kingsbury, and Colin Van Dyke coordinate Mintz Levin’s participation in the Lawyers Clearinghouse legal clinics, and dozens of attorneys, paraprofessionals, and summer associates participated this past year. Legal Aid Society The Legal Aid Society in NewYork City is the oldest and largest provider of legal services to the indigent in the United States. Mintz Levin has worked on many cases with the organization over the years. In 2012, attorneys John Delehanty, Avisheh Avini, and John Sefick represented“Juan,”a 2½ year old whose mother had applied for Supplemental Security Income on his behalf and was denied. With translation assistance from Project Analyst Anthony Arias and Receptionist Roxane DeJesus, the attorneys met with Juan and his mother and learned that Juan suffered from asthma, demonstrated complete hearing loss in one ear, and exhibited delayed language and motor skills. The team filed a brief that detailed Juan’s condition, and after multiple hearings, Juan and his mother were able to obtain the benefits they needed. Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation For more than 50 years the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation has honored marines by providing education for their children. As a privately funded, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, the Scholarship Foundation provides need- based scholarships for post–high school education to sons and daughters of marines. Particular attention is given to children who have a parent who has been killed or wounded in action. In 2012 the Scholarship Foundation celebrated 50 years of “Honoring Marines by Educating Their Children,” and attorney Kevin Ainsworth, a director and general counsel of the Scholarship Foundation, chaired the organization’s 50th Annual New York Leatherneck Scholarship Ball. In addition, under Kevin’s direction, a team including attorneys Nancy Adams, Travis Blais, Adam Gale, Cynthia Larose, Amy Malone, Peter Miller, and Justin Nahama provided legal services in a variety of areas, including tax, trademark, copyright, data security, information privacy, insurance, trust and estate, and investment-advisor relationships. Medical Legal Partnership | Boston Medical Legal Partnership | Boston brings health care providers and legal advocates together to improve the lives of vulnerable populations. In 2012 the organization asked Mintz Levin to represent a young Haitian woman, “Sylvia,” with her immigration case. Sylvia came to the United States in 2010 in order to marry her fiancé, a US citizen. Not long after she married her husband, he began to physically and verbally abuse her. He controlled Sylvia’s movements and prevented her from talking to her family, meeting people in the community, and learning to speak English. Sylvia and her husband then had twins together, two boys, who were born in early 2011. After a particularly severe episode of abuse, Sylvia was able to contact a neighbor and ask for help. The police arrived and arrested her husband. Sylvia and her children were moved to a shelter. Attorneys Jennifer Mather McCarthy and Emily Kanstroom, with assistance from Project Analysts Anagha Prasad and Adrienne Darrow and translation support from Assistant