5 Contents Brain Trust Preventing Head Injuries Among Athletes Making the Case for Asylum - A Reformer Escapes Drug Traffickers - Coming Out and Breaking Through - A Jewish Community Leader Flees Alexandria Taking Care of Our Own Addressing the Needs of First-Generation Americans Shining a Light on Truth Securing Justice for Crimes Against Humanity Education for All Protecting the Rights of Disabled Children Still There to Help Senior Attorneys Serve Those Who Would Go Without Combatting Domestic Violence - Standing Up to a Monster - Protecting a Daughter from Harm A Little Time Goes a Long Way Providing Legal Advice on Family Matters Game Changer Helping Low-Income Children with Sickle Cell Disease Success Is Sweet Free Legal Services Help Small Entrepreneurs Pursue Their Dreams Family Reunion A Former Lost Boy Brings His Family Home A Fresh Start Erasing Reminders of a Painful Past Keeping Justice in Balance Additional Pro Bono Highlights from 2012 Pro Bono All-Stars 2012Award Winners 2012 Pro Bono Committee 2012 Pro Bono Participants Hope and Renewal