b'Two Pro Bono Teams Make Historic ContributionsOf the many pro bono projects Mintz has taken onWhen there are forces actively working to undo the recently, two stand out as particularly ambitious effortspromise of equal protection under the law, its really that are making a significant, positive impact inheartening to see such a positive outcome, and thecommunities across the country.Mintz team is honored to have played a small part in helping to achieve it, Drew said. Sadly, plaintiff Aimee Many months before the Supreme Court announced itsStephens passed away in May, before the Court announced landmark Bostock decisionruling that Title VII of theits ruling.Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits discrimination against workers based on sexual orientation or transgender statusattorney Drew DeVoogd began leading a team of Mintz attorneys contributing to an amicus brief to the Supreme Court in support of transgender woman Aimee Stephens, one of the plaintiffs in the consolidated Bostock case. Aimee was fired from her job as a funeral director after she informed her employer that she was transgender and would begin living and working as a woman. On behalf of GLAD and Freedom for All Americans, Mintz provided supporting research for the brief, working with nearly 40 law and history professors across the country as they wrote the draft. Attorney Gauri Punjabi and Pro Bono Committee Chair Sue Finegan, as well as former Mintz attorneys Sandra Badin, Don Davis, and Tiffany Knapp, and others, combed Congressional records, reviewed case law,Like Drew, Employment, Labor & Benefits Practice Chair and searched decades of news stories to help bolster aMike Arnold has been committed to pro bono work for persuasive argument, finding that contrary to theyears. When COVID-19 struck and his group began helping employers claim, Congress has long been aware ofMintz clients to navigate work-from-home arrangements, transgender individuals and the discrimination they sufferlayoffs, furloughs, and other pandemic-related challenges, based on sex. In June, the Mintz team was thrilled to joinMike wondered how nonprofits, small businesses, other LQBTQ allies in celebrating the conservative-leaningentrepreneurs, and other employers with very limited Courts 6-3 decision in their favor.resources were coping with the crisis. Together with Sue 10'