b'Bob Bodian on the Firms Election Initiativeevery other country has their elections on the weekend or declares a national holiday and that really bothered me. So giving everyone the day off on Election Day is my way of addressing all these issues, and the Policy Committee unanimously agreed. In terms of what I hope to accomplish, on a small level I want to make sure that all 1200 Mintz employees can vote comfortably. On a broader level, I hope it spurs others to Bob Bodian do the same thing so this becomes much more of a Managing Membernational movement and discussion.In a firm-wide email on Juneteenth, you announcedThis is not something that the firm has done before. that all Mintz personnel would be given the day off onWhy now? Election Day, November 3 so that they can vote and volunteer. What was behind that decision and what doThis in an unusual time, and I think its an important you hope it accomplishes?election. I do think there are a lot of efforts to suppress There were several things that went into the Policythe vote, even more so than in the past. Voter suppression Committees decision to give everyone the day off onhas long been an issue, but even just since June when the November 3rd.First, everyone should be able to vote, butPolicy Committee made this decision a lot of things have voter suppression is a very real issue right now and wehappenedthe long lines for primary voting, whats have to try and combat it. Second, when I saw the longhappening with the post office. There are forces actively lines during primary elections in May and June, I didnttrying to suppress voting. This is one way of countering want our people to feel pressure that they would sufferthose efforts.some kind of negative impact at work or that they would otherwise choose not to exercise their right to voteWhat other activities around the general election does because of the fear of long lines. I wanted to make it asthe firm have planned?easy as possible for everyone. Finally, one of the firstOne thing we are doing is working with groups that things that we learn in school is that the right to vote isorganize legal help around the election. I believe its likely one of our most fundamental rights and obligations asthis election will have legal wrangling both before and Americans and yet we make it difficult in this country toafter November 3rd, so we are connecting our lawyers exercise that right. We are one of the few countries thatwith the groups that work on those issues. These are holds its presidential elections on a workday. Almostorganizations that have experience taking on legal issues 4'