b'LA Office Hosts Middle Schoolers for Lawyer for a Day EventEarly in 2020, pre-pandemic, Mintzs Los Angeles office hosted middle school students from New Los Angeles Charter School for our second annual Lawyer for a Day program. At the event, general counsel and Mintz attorneys shared their journeys to becoming lawyers with the hope that the students would be inspired to pursue their own dreams. Joshua Briones, Managing Member of the LA Office, was pleased that the firm was able to reach out to young people who might not otherwise be exposed to legal professionals or consider a career in the law. Our office is diverse, and its wonderful that were taking steps in the community to make sure were having a real impact on real people and getting them excited about the legal profession, he said. Heres what a few of the students had to say when asked why they wanted to participate in Lawyer for a Day:Im in 8th grade and I noticed that in 8th grade you really have to start preparing for your career and college, which is really important to me right now. I do argue a lot with my parents and I feel like if I knew how to use that skill professionally, it would make it way easier to use it as a life skill. When I grow up I want to be a lawyer for people who get separated from their families at the border. I want to help families to come back together.We invite you to read this Daily Journal article to learn more about Lawyer for a Day. 12'