b'around elections so for us, its really beneficial so we dontAs to alumni, many of our former colleagues are affiliated have to reinvent the wheel in terms of where to put somewith other law firms and businesses. I am hopeful that this of our pro bono legal resources.In addition, we willaction might inspire them to engage in similar activities at provide our attorneys and staff with opportunities totheir respective organizations. volunteer in get-out-the vote efforts, phone calls, poll monitoring on Election Day and things of that nature. Its not just about us voting, its about helping to enableFor more information about the firms election initiative everyone to vote.please email [email protected] Do you think the fact that people are working remotely will make them more inclined to get involved in election-related activities? Its hard to tell as it really depends on their personal situation.I know that many people are juggling the demands of childcare, remote learning and other challenges, so I think it will be different for different people depending on their circumstances.Hopefully, having the day off will make it easier at least to vote.Is this something that you plan to do every four years? I certainly hope that the Policy Committee will approve doing this again four years from now and beyond. Your hope was to get others in the legal community involved in this effort. What has the reception been among other law firms and how can Mintz alumni get involved? Ive spoken with a handful of managing partners at other law firms and the response has been very positive. Some of those law firms have already joined in. I think judging by recent stories in publications like American Lawyer and Bloomberg, there is some momentum behind this effort. My hope is that all law firms will do it. I think that would have a significant impact on the vote.5'