31 Additional Pro Bono Highlights from 2011 DC Bar Pro Bono Advice & Referral Clinic Helen Guyton and Matt Cohen received a case from the DC Bar Pro Bono Advice & Referral Clinic at the end of 2010. The client, a tenant of the same apartment for approximately 20 years, faced eviction from her rental unit after falling behind on the rent due to health issues and the recession. The client had also been battling her landlord for many years over numerous and substantial housing code violations. Helen and Matt worked with the client to successfully stave off the eviction and ensure that the landlord restored the apartment unit to its lawful condition. Helen and Matt also helped the client enter into a settlement agreement whereby the lawsuit was dismissed and her back rent was forgiven as a result of the substandard living conditions. Most importantly, Helen and Matt secured their client residency in another, more modern unit within the same building that met the requirements of DC’s housing code. Domestic Violence Project The Domestic Violence Project was founded in the firm’s Boston office in 1991 by two first-year Mintz Levin Associates. Over the years Mintz Levin attorneys and paraprofessionals have represented hundreds of domestic violence and sexual assault victims who seek protective orders and other legal remedies. In 2011, 18 attorneys represented 28 clients in protective order hearings in various courts across Massachusetts for both restraining orders and harassment prevention orders. Theprotectionaffordedunderaharassment-preventionorder under Chapter 258E is relatively new; the law was enacted in February 2010. Prior to the new law, there was a gap in the existing law in that sexual assault or stalking victims who were not family members or in a substantial dating relationship could not obtain a criminally enforceable restraining order. On behalf of the Victim Rights Law Center, Boston Area Rape Crisis Center, and Jane Doe, Inc., a team of Mintz Levin attorneys including Sue Finegan, Andy Nathanson, Elissa Flynn-Poppey, Helen Guyton, and Jamie Arterton submitted Community Servings Community Servings is a not-for-profit food and nutrition program providing services throughout Massachusetts to individuals and families living with critical and chronic illnesses. Attorney Christine Baker, with assistance from Taricha Edis, helped Community Servings secure federal service mark registrations for its house mark and logo, and federal registrations for charitable fundraising services, such as an annual gala and annual pie sale. Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation The mission of the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation is to perpetuate the Medal of Honor’s legacy through outreach and collaborative efforts, to raise funds for initiatives that promote what the Medal of Honor represents, and to promote American values and the qualities of courage, sacrifice, and patriotism. This past year, Kevin Ainsworth represented the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation as amicus curiae before the US Supreme Court in the case of United States v. Alvarez. The foundation argued to uphold the constitutionality of the Stolen Valor Act in the face of a First Amendment challenge. Constructive Termination Case Referred by Connecticut Legal Services Oauafaa Oudini is a single mother of three from Morocco who was constructively terminated from her job with a Connecticut modeling agency. She had taken an approved Family and Medical Leave of Absence to care for her ill mother in Morocco. When she returned from Morocco, she was told her pay would be cut because she had taken an unapproved leave of absence, and she would be treated as a “rehire” and not be eligible for her previous pay. She sought damages for violations of the Connecticut Family and Medical Leave Act. With attorney Jennifer Rubin’s assistance, Oauafaa appealed an adverse unemployment determination and won—at two appeal levels.