33 Greater Boston Legal Services Greater Boston Legal Services provides free legal assistance and representation on civil matters to hundreds of the neediest residents in Boston and 31 surrounding cities and towns. Mintz Levin has worked on many cases with the organization over the years, most recently in a co-counseling project initiated by attorneys in the family unit of Greater Boston Legal Services and Mintz Levin attorney Sue Finegan. Mintz Levin attorneys co-counsel family law and housing cases that provide them with deposition and trial experience, and the organization’s attorneys get the added help they need to better serve their clients. For example, Jenni Mather and Mandy Carozza represented “Lucy,” a survivor of domestic violence who had obtained a restraining order against her abuser and an order of child support. Despite the court order, her abuser did not pay child support and owed Lucy approximately $7,000 dollars. Lucy was in danger of being evicted and desperately needed the money to pay rent and care for her children. Jenni and Mandy filed multiple motions for contempt and put Lucy’s abuser in jail several times for his failure to pay child support. After a long and arduous fight, Lucy received the support she was due and was able to stay in her home with her children. Additionally, Jenni and Mandy were able to extend Lucy’s restraining order, ensuring her continued protection from her abuser. Hatzalah Volunteer Ambulance Corps Hatzalah is the largest volunteer ambulance service in the United States, with 16 local chapters in the New York metropolitan area. Jeff Moerdler is a Hatzalah EMT and goes on 150 to 200 emergency calls per year. He is also co- president of his local chapter and a member of the Executive Board of the city-wide central Hatzalah organization. Hatzalah’s state-of-the-art private dispatch system currently receives caller identification information from landline transitional housing, and other nonresidential services to women and children who are victims of domestic violence and who often suffer from trauma and substance abuse issues. In 2011, Real Estate Practice attorney Fred Armstrong reviewed mortgage documents to determine whether the organization could refinance its two existing mortgages and receive a lower rate. In addition, staff members at Mintz Levin organized and sponsored the successful 16th annual silent auction to benefit the Elizabeth Stone House in June 2011, raising critical funds for the organization. Full Circle Education FullCircleEducationwasestablishedbyagroupofprofessional tutors who noticed that many smart and deserving kids in New York City public schools could not apply to four-year colleges due to their low SAT scores. The organization’s program identifies, enrolls, and trains promising NewYork City public school students in a tutoring program to increase SAT scores. In 2011, Mintz Levin attorney Garrett Johnston worked with Full Circle to finalize its new and improved bylaws and to draft and implement a comprehensive conflict of interest policy. Garrett also provided other guidance along the way, particularly regarding fundraising materials. Greater Boston Food Bank In an effort to help end hunger in eastern Massachusetts, the Greater Boston Food Bank distributed almost 35 million pounds of food in 2011, enough to provide healthy meals to as many as 545,000 people at risk of hunger. Overseen by Bob Gault, many Mintz Levin attorneys, including Anthony Hubbard, Maura Pelham, Susan Weller, Nancy Adams, Paula Lyons, Drew Matzkin, Patricia Moran, Joel Nolan, Vita Wilson, Jonathan Cosco, and Will Hill, assisted the Food Bank this past year with numerous legal issues, ranging from employment andbenefitstorealestate,trademark,construction,insurance, and corporate matters. Additional Pro Bono Highlights from 2011