R. Robert Popeo Andrew R. Urban Robert I. Bodian Susan M. Finegan Chairman Vice Chairman Managing Member Chair, Pro Bono Committee Dear friends and colleagues Sharing the stories of some of our pro bono clients from 2010 gives a glimpse into the heart of the firm and its commitment to serving those in need. It is a commitment that our respected friend, mentor, and colleague, Richard Mintz, who passed away at age 89 in April, cared deeply about. It truly was a motivating force throughout his life. Richard was the soul of Mintz Levin for more than 60 years, and his legacy of generosity and compassion lives on at the firm as well as at Discovering Justice, the Schwartz Center for Compassionate Healthcare, the American Jewish Committee (with Combined Jewish Philanthropies of Greater Boston), the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, and the Vilna Shul, among other organizations he supported. Pro bono service is a tradition that began in the 1930s with the firm’s founders. Benjamin Levin, Haskell Cohn, and Herman Mintz, all of whom came from humble beginnings, took seriously their obligation to the greater good. Richard recalled his father saying,“It’s amazing that I have gotten to where I am today…. I have a responsibility to give back.” Richard’s enthusiasm for the “giving back” part of the practice of law was apparent. He was always the first one to arrive at the annual reception for the firm’s pro bono award, of which he was a recipient, with Stuart Offner, in 1995. His heartfelt, congratulatory firm-wide e-mails lauding successful pro bono work, which are highlighted throughout this journal, were constant reminders of our founders’legacy. He was particularly proud of the growth of the firm’s Domestic Violence Project, founded by two first-year associates over 20 years ago, and our work in political asylum. Through his words and deeds, Richard was a living reminder of the impact we lawyers can make on those who need our help the most. We look forward to finding a way to serve our communities each year. It is an honor for us to continue working for the public good, and a tribute to our firm’s founders and Richard to do so.