Traveling Companions The Sports Legacy Institute The Sports Legacy Institute is dedicated to advancing the study, treatment, and prevention of the effects of brain trauma in athletes and other at-risk groups, including members of the military. Through its efforts, the institute aims to keep athletes safe and promote awareness of the risks of concussions. Brian Dunphy, Quincy Ewell, Elissa Flynn-Poppey,Wendy Silverman, and StephenWeiner have provided the Sports Legacy Institute with guidance and advice on a range of health law, corporate, contract, and tax issues as it has grown. Suited for Change Founded in 1992, Suited for Change provides professional clothing and ongoing career and life skills education to low-income women to increase their employment and job retention potential and to contribute to their economic independence. Karen Lovitch manages our relationship with this client, which involves corporate and employment matters, with assistance from Anthony Hubbard, Tyrone Thomas, and Quincy Ewell. The United Teen Equality Center The United Teen Equality Center is a “by teens, for teens” youth center in Lowell, Massachusetts, founded in the late 1990s. Today, it is a vibrant youth-led agency that uniquely blends a drop-in, safe-haven center with structured violence prevention, youth development, and job-training activities. In 2005, the center found a permanent home and started a campaign to renovate and expand its space. Colin McNiece helped the United Teen Equality Center create a new 501(c)(3) entity to make use of New MarketTax Credits for financing the renovation and expansion of its building. Construction for the proposed LEED-certified building is expected to begin in the summer of 2012. West Roxbury Main Streets West Roxbury Main Streets is a nonprofit organization created under the Boston Main Streets program that promotes and enhances the West Roxbury business district by improving the physical appearance of the commercial district and its economic stability; marketing its features and benefits; and promoting community involvement. For the past couple of years, Andrew Dean has served on its board of directors and acted as general counsel for West Roxbury Main Streets. In addition to serving on the board, Andrew’s responsibilities as general counsel have included drafting amended bylaws, maintaining regulatory compliance with various governmental agencies, negotiating the lease of new office space, and serving as a panelist for local businesses discussing commercial leasing consideration. Wildlands Trust WildlandsTrustisa501(c)(3)landtrustwhosemissionissaving special lands in southeastern Massachusetts. The Wildlands Trust acquires real estate and conservation restrictions on real estate and has been very successful in helping preserve some fragile lands in the region. Mintz Levin attorneys, including Peter Demuth, GarrettWinslow,Tavis Morello, and Courtney Krupinsky, have worked closely with the Wildlands Trust for years, most recently providing general corporate advice as well as counsel on tax and related legal issues. Women of Color in Law Women of Color in Law grew out of the efforts of Judge Vallera Johnson, a well-known judge in San Diego, to support women of color in law school. Judge Johnson began her informal luncheons with a handful of law students, judges, and attorneys. These luncheons have grown to include over 200 attendees, enjoying a place to connect with other