Finding a Way 33 low-income children in the state. What’s more, 96% of these children rely on the free breakfast and lunch at school available to children who live beneath the poverty line. TheJubileeCenterwasthevictimofamalicioustelemarketing scam in the early months of 2010. The center reached out to a Mintz Levin attorney, Muriel Liberto, for help in recovering the thousands of dollars lost. Muriel lives in Hoboken and is an active supporter of the center. Muriel, John Delehanty, and Andowah Newton successfully recovered most of the lost funds. Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation The Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation is the nation’s oldest and largest provider of need-based scholarships to military families. It provides educational scholarships to the children of Marines and Navy Corpsmen whose parents have been killed or wounded in combat or who have a financial need. Since 1962, the foundation has provided more than 25,000 scholarships (over $60 million) while achieving a 73% student graduation rate. In 2011, the foundation will award approximately $5 million in scholarships to 1,500 students. This past year, Mintz Levin provided legal assistance to the foundation in connection with matters involving trust and estate, tax, employment, information security and privacy, insurance, and contracts. The work was overseen by Kevin Ainsworth, and was performed by Nancy Adams, Jennifer DiMarco, Quincy Ewell, Cynthia Larose, Peter Miller, and Andrew Roth. Kevin also serves as president of the foundation’s New York Leatherneck Scholarship Ball, which in 2011 raised more than $1 million. Island Creek Oysters Foundation Based in Duxbury, Massachusetts, the Island Creek Oysters Foundation,thecharitablefoundationofIslandCreekOysters, has long contributed to a variety of organizations, striving to give locally and globally to issues impacting Duxbury Bay, children, and food. Recently, the foundation embarked on a new endeavor: seeking to find a way to make aquaculture a sustainable protein source in Africa. In collaboration with the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, the foundation reached out to a group of villages on the island of Zanzibar, Tanzania, helping the community start an oyster hatchery off the coast and teaching women in the village how to raise oysters, thereby adding a sustainable, protein-rich resource to the villagers’diet. Employees from Island Creek Oysters travel to Zanzibar to advise and educate the villagers with the hope of continuing to provide the local population with a greater supply of edible shellfish, and have even invited village women to Duxbury to show them how a large oyster hatchery operates. Attorneys from Mintz Levin, including Joseph Messina and Anthony Hubbard, helped Island Creek Oysters establish the foundation and incorporate it into a 501(c)(3), and continue to provide general counsel to the foundation. The Jubilee Center of Hoboken The Jubilee Center is a nonprofit organization in Hoboken, New Jersey, whose mission is to equip children from the city’s public housing neighborhood with the tools, not only to survive, but also to overcome the many barriers they face in their young lives. The organization offers after- school programming, including homework help, tutoring, and enrichment activities such as dance, yoga, poetry, creative writing, cooking, and visual arts. In addition, the center provides an evening meal for the children. Hoboken’s children are among the most economically disadvantaged in Hudson County. The school nearest to the city’s public housing neighborhood was identified by the New Jersey DepartmentofEducationasservingthehighestpercentageof A “mitzvah” is a blessed act of kindness; that’s what the team produced. ~ Richard Mintz