Finding a Way 35 Domestic Violence and extends its reach to New York, allowing the organization to help even more victims of domestic violence, while also enhancing the assistance and resources for the professionals who help them. Quincy Ewell and Anthony Hubbard led the acquisition between the National Network to End Domestic Violence and with help from Helen Guyton and Ron Nelson. In addition, Susan Weller addressed various intellectual property issues related to the protection of the content on and terms of use for the website. The New York Legal Assistance Group The NewYork Legal Assistance Group (NYLAG ) provides free legal services to low-income New Yorkers. Last year, Avisheh Avini successfully concluded a Social Security disability case on behalf of a client referred to us by NYLAG in which she recovered the back payments from the Social Security Administration. This year, Peter Zlotnick and Krishna Patel are assisting another disabled client with a crippling back injury to obtain benefits in a Social Security disability appeal. The New York Marine Executive Association The mission of the New York Marine Executive Association is to foster the career development of U.S. Marines and war veterans in the New York metropolitan area through education, mentorship, and esprit de corps. Specific objectives include hosting educational forums, creating career opportunities, and fostering camaraderie and mentorship among war veterans and their supporters. This past year, Muriel Liberto and Kevin Ainsworth provided legal assistance in connection with nonprofit incorporation. issues, with assistance from Ron Nelson and Legal Specialists Donna Bergamo and Courtney Krupinsky. In addition, Jeffrey handled the acquisition of the assisted-living facility property from the City of New York, and advised on the financing for that project. He also handled issues related to the operation of a food pantry and, with assistance from Dominic Picca, assisted in a dispute with a property owner of a facility adjoining one the council’s facilities. Legal Specialist Nyisha Shakur has assisted on numerous corporate organizational matters for the council and its affiliates. My Sisters’Place My Sisters’ Place is a not-for-profit organization in Westchester County, New York, dedicated to eradicating violence against women by providing services to survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking, and their children. Mintz Levin partners with My Sisters’ Place on a variety of immigration and litigation matters. Most recently, Sara Crasson and the organization co-chaired a trial involving novel issues concerning the relative custodial rights of an abused mother and an abusive father. National Network to End Domestic Violence A small working group of domestic violence coalitions and advocatesestablishedtheNationalNetworktoEndDomestic Violence in 1995 to provide training and technical assistance to the coalitions and to further public awareness of domestic violence issues. Sixteen years later, the network is stronger than ever. In 2009, the National Network to End Domestic Violence, with the assistance of Mintz Levin, merged with the National Network to End Domestic Violence Fund, bolstering the organization’s presence and resources in its fight against domestic violence. And in 2011, it went one step further, absorbing the assets of a fellow nonprofit,, which had been organized to help survivors of domestic violence. The consolidation of the National Network to End Justice obtained (whether by trial or by settlement) is truly justice delivered. I am proud of the individuals who make pro bono successes happen, and of the firm. It is what we are about. ~ Richard Mintz