b'IN LANDMARK VICTORY, IMMIGRANTS RECLAIM THEIR RIGHTSIn America, liberty \x08ilberto \x11ereira \x03rito was arrested in his homedetainees, Immigration \x11ractice \x07ounding Chairshould be the norm onMarch,19in\x03rockton,Massachusetts.Susan Cohen and \x11ro \x03ono Committee Chair Suefor everyone\x07or many months, \x08ilberto languished in an ICE\x07ineganwelcomedtheopportunity.Theclassand detention detention facility, far from the loved ones whoaction would be the first of its kindthough cases depend on his care and supportincluding threehad been filed on behalf of individual immigrantsthe last resort. young children and \x08ilbertos wife, a woman whoin this and other jurisdictionsand the first inThis decision is unable to work due to serious health problems.the country to challenge the Immigration Courts \x08ilberto had no idea if or when hed be released.ability to set unreasonable bond payments. Mintzaffirms that the is only prior criminal record consisted of minorhad already partnered with the ACLU on a numbergovernments motor vehicle charges from over a decade ago. of projects, including in 1, when the firm andapproach to Under the US Constitution, the government canttheACLUachievedatemporarysuspensionof take away a persons liberty without establishing\x11resident Trumps first travel ban.detention is thenecessityofdoingso.Thisconstitutional\x0boiningSusanandSueonMintzscoreteamcontrary to common protection applies to everyone within the nationswereattorneysAndy\x0fathanson,Mathildasense and our borders.\x0fevertheless,acrossthecountry,Mc\x08ee-Tubb, \x13yan Dougherty, and \x0benny Mather thousands of immigrants are being detained inMcCarthy. Attorneys \x0cevin Mc\x08inty and Crystalfundamental values. jails until they can show they shouldnt be. WhileLopez provided strategic class action advice whileWe are thrilled that, provinganegativeisalwaysachallenge,fromattorneysIrissiaoandClare\x11rober,summer behind bars most detainees find it impossible toassociateAudreyMc\x12uade,andformerinternsas a result of this demonstratetheyposenoflightriskordangerCaroline Enright and Victoria \x0bohnson, along withorder, civil rights tothecommunity.Additionally,manywhodoformerprojectanalystMack\x13amsden,helpedwill be protected succeedinmakingthatcasecontinuetobewithresearch.AssistantEmily\x11aoneprovided detainedindefinitely,simplybecausetheycantadditional support and assistant managing clerkand families will be pay their unreasonably high bonds.Steve Wright provided filing guidance. reunited.At an April 19 hearing in \x03oston Immigration\x13yan, assisted by Mack, worked closely with the Court,\x08ilbertolearnedthattobereleasedonACLUtoselectthenamedplaintiffs.\x0cnowing bondandreunitedwithhisfamily,hewouldthe choice of plaintiffs can make or break a classCAROL ROSEneedtoprovethathewasneitheradangertoactioncase,theteamspentamonthcombingExecutive Director thecommunitynoraflightrisk.Thatday,thethrough case files to identify the best candidates,ACLU of MassachusettsImmigration Court ruled that \x08ilberto hadnt metultimatelyselecting\x08ilbertoandtwoother that burden of proof. Although the presiding judgedetained immigrants \x07lorentin Avila Lucas and knew that \x08ilberto had lived in this country for\x0backy Celicourt. The lawyers made several trips to over a decade, had a permanent address, and hadthe \x11lymouth County Correctional facility to meet family ties in the area, the judge ordered \x08ilbertowith them.returnedtojail,wherehewasdetainedforThe three detaineeseach imprisoned for months three months.made a strong impression on the legal team. When the ACLU of Massachusetts contacted MintzThefactthatajudgecouldcallanyofthese in \x0bune 19 to see if the firm would partner withclientsdangerouswasunimaginable,\x13yan the organization and the ACLU of \x0few ampshiresaid.Theyrethekindofpeopleyouwantas to file a class action lawsuit on behalf of immigrantyour neighbors. RESILIENCE // Mintz Pro Bono Journal 9'