b'SUPPORTING A GROUNDBREAKING INITIATIVE FOR CONTACT TRACING(continued)Later, when \x11I asked Mintz for help to negotiate its contract for thecreated an online learning community portal, Mintz helped prepare contact tracing program, the firms prior experience working withsimple agreements allowing \x11I to provide advisory services to the Commonwealth on health ITrelated contracts and other legalother states. The firm also helped prepare agreements with local matters helped close the transaction. It was a happy coincidenceentitiesincluding \x03lue Cross \x03lue Shield of Massachusetts and that there was such a savvy and experienced lawyer handling thethe Massachusetts League of Community ealth Centersto help transaction for the Commonwealth with whom we had worked inmeet the stang needs of the contact tracing project. the past, said Mintz IT TransactionsOutsourcing \x11ractice ChairMintz has been so pleased to assist \x11I in its efforts to change \x0bulie \x0corostoff. Assisted by attorney Dan Marden, \x0bulie handled thethe course of COVID-19 in the Commonwealth, and beyond, Ellen transaction, negotiating on a very accelerated schedule. Closingsaid. It has been deeply rewarding to lead the multipractice team such a large government contract can be a long process, but thereworking on this critically important project. was a lot of will and smarts on both the \x11I and Commonwealth sides to advance as quickly as possible, she said. The \x11I team is exceptionally talented. After Mintz closed the deal, attorney Drew Matzkin helped \x11I prepare employment agreements, ensure employee confidentiality, and comply with other employment law regulations as it quickly hired contact tracers and other staff to handle the projects workload. At the height of the outbreak in Massachusetts, the organization employedabout1,9tracers,anditmustcontinuallyworkto maintain appropriate stang levels as the pandemic progresses. Working with \x11artners In ealth on this project has been very gratifying,Drewsaid.Theemploymentteamisexceptionally capable and dedicated. SinceApril,Ellenandherteamhavealsoaddressedavariety ofbasicriskmanagementquestionsrelatedtocontacttracers communications with individuals suffering from COVID-19. What, for example, should a contact tracer do if an individual is having a medical emergency but refuses to call an ambulance or to allow the tracer to call Attorneys have guided the client in weighing a variety of similar privacy and liability issues. \x11Isagreementwiththestateincludesaprovisionallowingit tomakematerialsitcreatesinconnectionwithitsservicesto the Commonwealth available to others, and Mintz has provided guidance to help the organization remain in compliance with its agreement while sharing its resources. In addition to advising on terms of use and intellectual property issues when the organization 14 2020'