b'IN LANDMARK VICTORY, IMMIGRANTS RECLAIM THEIR RIGHTS(continued)After Mintz and the ACLU filed their case, ICE released all threebrought him to a hospital. When he recovered, he escaped from detainees. \x0fevertheless, the judge chose to move the case forward,\x13wanda with the help of a family member. because the governments actions with respect to immigrants likeIn the United States, \x08eorge made his way to \x11ortland, Maine and the plaintiffs could be repeated.applied for asylum. e was arrested for disorderly conduct one TheMintzteamcollaboratedwiththeACLUtomoveforclasscold evening after he got into an argument with the local homeless certification and summary judgmentMathilda and one of the ACLUshelters personnel, who refused to let him back in because he attorneys argued persuasively in court and prevailed. The judgeswaslate.Calledtothescene,policetook\x08eorgeintocustody rulingincludesaclasswidepermanentinjunctionthatrequiresand released him two days later. The disorderly conduct charge the \x03oston Immigration Court to put the burden of proof on thewas dropped, but ICE picked \x08eorge up and put him in removal government and to consider an individuals ability to pay beforeproceedings, and the Immigration Court set his bail at 9,. setting bond. It also requires the Immigration Court to consider\x08eorge appealed, before theBrito ruling came out, but lost. After conditions of release as an alternative to detention. Within daysBrito, Mintz filed a habeas petition in federal court, arguing that after the ruling, the entire way the Immigration Court held hearingsunder the new standards, the outcome in \x08eorges case might well was changed, Mathilda said. have been different and he would have been eligible for release. This was a very big case in immigration law, Susan reiterated.Indeed, after Mintz filed the petition, the government called \x0fick to aving the judge agree that factoring in the individuals ability tosay that the client was eligible for bond after all, and that \x08eorges pay should be part of the bond hearing was a huge achievement,bail had been restored to 9,. and one of the reasons this case has generated so much excitementWed never seen this type of situation, \x0fick said. The government among immigration lawyers. apparently thought our case would be hard to fight in court. The ruling not only benefits immigrants appearing before the \x03ostonThe options then were to pay \x08eorges bail or to file a new motion Immigration Courtserving individuals across \x0few Englandbutfor reconsideration of the bail under theBrito standard however, may become an important precedent, influencing court decisionsheading back to court posed a risk that the judge would set the acrossthecountry.Anappealiscurrentlypendinginthe\x07irstbailevenhigher.Afterconferringwith\x08eorgeand\x11AI\x13Legal Circuit. Another ruling, expected from the Second Circuit, shouldDirector Elena \x0foureddine, the team decided to pay the 9,, also help to steer future immigration practices.using funds raised by the immigrant support organizations \x03oston \x07ollowingBrito,MintzpartneredwiththeACLUand\x11AI\x13,aImmigration \x0bustice Accompaniment \x0fetwork \x03I\x0bA\x0f and \x13efugee nonprofitworkingwithindigentasylumseekers,toprovideaand Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services \x13AICES.seriesoftrainingsessionsforattorneysinterestedinhelpingA week later, shortly before the pandemic took hold in Massachusetts, detained immigrants secure new hearings. Mintz agreed to take on\x0fick picked up his client, took him to lunch, and drove him to several cases.\x0fewton, Massachusetts, where a family had generously volunteered Attorneys Martha \x0coster, \x0fick Armington, and \x13ithika \x0culathilato host him. \x03efore Mintz represented \x08eorge, his asylum petition represented \x08eorge, an asylum seeker and videographer. Severalwas denied, but the team has filed an appeal. years ago, while working with a journalist who was investigating aBrito has been the foundation for obtaining the release of countless rise in teen pregnancies in \x13wandas capital, \x0cigali, \x08eorge helpedinnocent immigrants across \x0few England, who, as in this case, to interview and film schoolgirls who said they were exploited bywere unjustly detained, Sue said.government ocials working with \x13wandas ruling party, the \x07\x11\x13. Shortly after the interviews, \x08eorge was taken into custody, beaten, tortured, and left for dead by the side of a road. \x08ood Samaritans 10 2020'