b'FIGHTING FOR THE FREEDOMTO LIVE ON ONES OWN TERMS(continued)Throughout the project, Drew kept the information flowing amongmatter, worked with Angel and former Mintz project analyst Soraya internal team members as well as with the drafting professors.Morales \x0fuez on the research and interviews of DACA recipients, elikenedtheprocesstocraftingacohesivesculpturewhileincluding two individuals named in the brief. \x03oth are activists other people added pieces to itensuring that the brief includedin their s and s whose social media and online activity in the theMintzteamslegislativehistoryanalysisandtheprofessorsUnited States would expose them to great danger in their countries legal and historical arguments and context while addressing theof birth. advocacy groups goals and aligning the overall approach with theOncethesurveywascompleted,\x0caitlynCrowe,theotherlead legal arguments in the case before the Court.Mintz attorney on the matter, oversaw the drafting of the amicus In \x0bune, the Court held that Title VII prohibits firing or otherwisebrief, which highlights the human impact of ending DACA while discriminatingagainstaworkerfortheirsexualorientationorweaving in details about US case law and the laws of many other transgender status. countries.Duringtheseveral-weekprocess,Sue\x07ineganhad When there are forces actively working to undo the promise ofan active role in the editing process and provided guidance on equal protection under the law, its really heartening to see such aSupremeCourtfilings,attorney\x08eoffrey\x07riedmanandformer positive outcome like thisand the Mintz team is honored to haveMintz attorney Sandra \x03adin contributed during the initial stages, played a small part in helping to achieve it, Drew said. and Mintz attorneys \x13ithika \x0culathila and Marguerite McConihe helped produce the finished product. \x07ormer Mintz legal interns The firms association with a case involving Deferred Action forCaroline Enright and Victoria \x0bohnson supported the teams work.Childhood Arrivals DACA, a policy that allows some undocumentedIve been very heartened by the fact that I work with people who immigrantsbroughttotheUnitedStatesaschildrentoobtainreally care about the same issues that I care about and are willing to work permits, began in a similar fashion. Although the underlyinguse their legal skills to try and make the law more just and the world questionbeforetheCourtfromthreeconsolidatedcaseswasa better place, \x0caitlyn said.whethertheTrumpadministrationsSeptember1decision to wind down the DACA program was lawful, the \x0fational \x12ueerEven though the Courts \x0bune decision to block the cancellation Asian \x11acific Islander Alliance wanted to call the Courts attentionof DACA was based on procedural issues and did not address the to how the policy change would harm a particular group L\x08\x03T\x12programs validity, Mintz attorneys who worked on the case are DACA recipients who would almost certainly face violence and legalencouraged that DACA recipients and supporters of their cause will sanctions if deported to their countries of origin. When the head ofhave more time to secure the needed permanent protections from the alliance asked Angel \x07enga Mintz attorney he knew from herCongress and exert change. days as a public interest lawyer who advocated for immigrantsforIts rewarding to be able to use our advocacy skills where they help, she readily agreed and quickly recruited colleagues. matter most, on behalf of vulnerable populations and particular Im not a public interest lawyer anymore, but as a Mintz attorney,subpopulations whose voices and stories have not been heard by as Im still able to work on issues that impact the community. It meanswide an audience as they should, Meredith said. a lot to me, Angel said.During the summer of 19, several members of the Mintz team investigated anti-homosexual laws and cultural prejudices against L\x08\x03T\x12individualsinmanyAsianand\x11acificIslandnations. Attorney Meredith Leary, one of the three main attorneys on the 18 2020'