b'R E S I L I E N C ESo often during this pandemic year, we have reminded oneWorkingwithnonprofitlegalreferralagencies,wealso another that were all in this together. Although the burden ofrepresentedindividualswhohavesurvivedextreme the disease and its impacts arent shared equallysome havecircumstances,includingnewcomerstoourcountrywhose lost far more than othersall of our lives have changed, andresilience inspired us to help them seek legal solutions and there is a renewed recognition that everyone benefits when werebuild their lives. Our attorneys also influenced case law, as help one another.when Mintz partnered with the ACLU to represent individuals Thisyear,manyofthefirmsprobonoengagementshaveunlawfullydetainedbyICE,andthroughourcontributions supported efforts to assist those struggling due to COVID-19.toamicusbriefstotheUSSupremeCourtinsupportofMintz has contributed to regional initiativessuch as work intransgender people and Dreamers.Massachusetts to increase access to justice during the outbreak,Our firm is proud to leverage our knowledge to serve those who tolaunchapioneeringcontacttracingproject,andto need us most, providing the legal resources to help our pro establish a statewide relief fundas well as national projects,bono clients pursue their rights and challenge the inequities including an innovative, firm-wide program to provide legalthat threaten the health of our communities.servicesforsmallbusinessesandnonprofitsexperiencingpandemic-related employment challenges.R. Robert Popeo Robert I. BodianSusan M. FineganChairmanManaging MemberChair, Pro Bono CommitteeRESILIENCE // Mintz Pro Bono Journal 1'