b'SUPPORTING A GROUNDBREAKING INITIATIVE FOR CONTACT TRACINGLast spring, as COVID-19 gained a deadly footholdand process, and thenin less thanhoursinMassachusetts,\x11artnersInealth\x11I negotiating a 1-page contract with the statesPIH is so grateful contacted \x08overnor Charlie \x03aker to propose anCommonwealthealthInsuranceConnector ambitious initiative to mitigate the viruss spread.AuthorityCCAandDepartmentof\x11ublicfor Mintzs incredible A\x03oston-basedglobalhealthnonprofit,\x11Iealth.\x11IsroleintheCommunityTracingdedication and the has more thanyears of experience battlingCollaborative is to provide stang and share itslate nights that were outbreaks of infectious diseases including Ebola,contact tracing expertise. CCA provides technical cholera, tuberculosis, and IV, and was uniquelyoversight, while the states Department of ealthspent with us to qualified to help the state take its contact tracingmaintains data, guides, and processes. Contactmake this happen. efforts to a dramatically higher level. tracers reach out to COVID-19 patients by phone After learning that they have tested positive fortolearnabouttheirrecentactivitiesandhelpWe could not have COVID-19,manyinfectedindividualsworrythem take appropriate steps to recover and avoiddone this without abouttheirhealth,thesafetyoftheirlovedspreadingthevirusfurther.Simultaneously, the Massachusetts COVID-19 Command Centerthe Mintz team! ones or roommates, and their ability to supportprovides overall direction and coordination.themselvesandtheirfamilies.Inturn,publicThe attorneys healthocialsworrytheymayspreadthe\x11IinitiallyreachedouttoMintzasitwasfast responses and disease in their communities. Through contactdevelopingitscontacttracingproposaltopractical advice tracingprojectsaroundtheglobe,\x11IhasaddressrelatedI\x11AAprivacyandsecurity reachedouttoinfectedindividualstosupportconcernsissues similar to those ealth Lawprovided us with them as they quarantine and to learn who theyve\x11ractice attorney Ellen \x0banos and others at Mintzconfidence to move been close to so those individuals can also behadhelpedtheorganizationwithacoupleof contacted and supportedall of which helpsyears earlier. This time, it was apparent that \x11Iforward. We know avoid further spread of disease. Tracers not onlyneeded assistance in a number of additional legalthis critical workhelp to curtail transmission, but assist sufferersareas to move its project forward quickly. Wehas and will continue who might otherwise feel helpless and alone. Inrallied around and provided a full complement of combination with extensive testing and diseaselegal services for the organization in a very shortto save lives intreatment,contacttracinghasproventobeatime, Ellen said. Withinhours of the clientsour state.very effective tool for promoting positive healthfirst call, we were all knee-deep in the work.outcomes in communities worldwide. \x08overnmentLaw\x11racticeChairElissa\x07lynn-OnApril,Massachusettsbecamethe\x11oppeyjumpedintohelpperfectthedraftedLORI SILVERfirst state in the country to launch a large-scale,proposal.LeveragingherfamiliaritywiththeGeneral Counselstatewidecontacttracingprogram,knownasCommonwealthsprocurementinfrastructurePartners In HealththeCommunityTracingCollaborative.Mintzandthegovernorsadministration,shehelped attorneys from four of the firms practice areasthe team at \x11Iwhich had never conducted a ealthCare\x08overnmentLawEmployment,project in Massachusettsto understand state Labor\x03enefitsandITTransactionscontracting. She also answered questions on the Outsourcing worked collaboratively and quicklypublic records law, procurement law, and state with \x11I to help make it happen, first structuringethics law. aproposalthatthestatecouldquicklydigest RESILIENCE // Mintz Pro Bono Journal 13'