b'ASSISTING LOW-INCOME EMPLOYERSDURING THE PANDEMIC(continued)the\x0few\x1aorkbasedteamcounseledanonprofitorganizationIn \x03oston, attorney Mathilda Mc\x08ee-Tubb manages the local teams working with local \x03lack and Latino students on its obligationspartnershipwiththeMassachusettsCOVID-19\x13eliefCoalition. pertaining to visitors and employees under \x0few \x1aorks reopeningAttorneys have provided legal consultations to several of the areas rulesandreviewedtheorganizationsemployeehandbookforsmall businesses and nonprofits, such as a therapeutic camp for compliancewithCOVID-19-relatedobligations.Attorneysalsochildren, on employment-related questions arising out of business worked with a neighborhood housing and preservation organizationinterruptions and changes due to COVID-19.serving Manhattans Lower East Side to navigate the organizationsIn San Diego, attorney Audrey \x0fguyen oversees services provided obligations under \x0few \x1aorks \x11haseoce reopening requirements,throughapartnershipwiththeSanDiegoVolunteerLawyer and advised a local literacy program on concerns related to bringing\x11rogram SDVL\x11. Clients include an aliate of a national youth employees back to the oce. In addition, Mintz helped a \x0bewish dayorganization that has been offering critical COVID-19 emergency camp with COVID-19 matters, including reopening protocols as wellchildcareforhealthcareworkers,firstresponders,andother as leave and accommodation requests, and provided guidance onessential workersjuggling expenses for additional stang and reopening protocols to yet another nonprofit that provides equineCOVID-19-related sanitation and supply costs while experiencing a therapy to veterans. significant reduction in income. Attorney \x0ben \x13ubin of the Mintz employment team has counseled the organizations chief executive ocer on staff rehiring and separation issues.TheEmployment,Labor\x03enefits\x11racticeisdeepeningits relationships with its local nonprofit partners to meet the needs We are extremely pleased with our partnershipof low-income clients as the pandemic evolves. \x03usinesses and with Mintz. During these uncertain times,workersacrosstheUnitedStatescontinuetofaceemployment nonprofit organizations have had to contend withchallenges as a result of the pandemic, Mike Arnold said. Its rewarding to offer our help to those in need as they navigate this many changes to their working arrangements.evolving employment landscape. The attorneys in our practice have The 11 organizations that Mintz volunteersoverwhelmingly welcomed the opportunity to do their part to help during these dicult times. Even just one hour of an attorneys day have worked with to date needed advice to helpcan make all the difference.further their work, including providing medical counseling services, representing children in legal proceedings, tutoring adult learners, and more. With budgets in flux, Mintz volunteers have helped to provide our clients with some stability.DARRYL MAXWELLAssistant DirectorD.C. Bar Pro Bono Center6 2020'