b'NURTURING A COMMUNITY-BASEDAPPROACH TO FOOD ACCESS(continued)who also provided counsel on wage and hour issues; and Kathryn Droumbakis,whoupdatedtheemergencycontactformand addressed COVID-19-related issues. Attorneys Jennifer Budoff and Brendan Lowd, along with former Mintz attorney Gauri Punjabi, also assisted with employment questions. Cynthia Larose, the Chair of Mintzs Privacy & Cybersecurity Practice, counseled the organization on privacy issues, while attorney Jane Haviland provided strategic guidance on potential litigation with input from attorneys Keshav Ahuja and Matthew Levitt. Senior research analyst Jessica Bumpous andresearchservicesmanagerReevesGillisalsoprovided valued assistance.WithMintzssupport,TheFoodProjectcanfocusmore resourcesonprogramming,suchasteachingteensinthe advanced crews how to write a cover letter, lead workshops, and plan events. Molly, a 17-year-old who said she applied to The Food Projectbecausepeopleinherschoolthoughttheopportunity sounded awesome, has enjoyed both the social and educational aspects of the job.Ive loved having space outside of school to be with people and feel like Im accomplishing something, Molly said.16 2021'