b'SKILLFUL NEGOTIATIONS PUT PEACE WITHIN REACH(continued)rebels and executing all of them within 24 hours of their shamThe new document was signed in Juba, South Sudan, on August trials, Matt explained, so we knew we had to help Abu Garda get to31, 2020. At over 150 pages long and very comprehensive, it was the Hague. It was the only way he was going to receive due process.endorsedbyallofthemajornegotiatingpartiesandaddresses In the end, the peace agreement cobbled together in 2011 was veryissues such as power sharing, economic growth and development, flawed. The document just didnt hold together in a way that ittheroleofthemilitary,thereturnofrefugees,infrastructure needed to if it was going to stand a chance of being implemented,development, and the sharing of natural resources. Mattsaid.AlthoughinternationalpartiesurgedMatttogethisIn the fall of 2020, PILPG made Matt a senior peace fellow with the clients to sign, he kept a key law school lesson in mind: the clientorganization, and with the support of Mintz, he continues to counsel determines the object of the representation. At the end of day,in a pro bono capacity, offering advice from time to time on the the client has to decide whether to sign the agreement or not. Itspeace agreements implementation. Thats where the documents their attorneys job to help them understand the terms and advisewords really matter, he said. The implementation of the 2020 Juba them in the process, he said. The 2011 peace agreement had manyPeace Agreement is facing its own set of challenges, as a military problems, and we advised our clients as much.coup recently overthrew the interim government, but after working TwoofthethreeDarfurirebelgroupsMattwasrepresentingcloselywithDarfuriswhosefamiliesandcommunitieshave decidednottosignontotheagreement,which,unfortunately,experienced some of this centurys worst atrocities, Matt hopes the proved incapable of implementation.people of Sudan will find a path forward and together, will finally realize a lasting peace.Years later, having returned to private practice and working at Mintz, Matt reengaged with PILPG and began to provide pro bono support through the firm. The Sudan militarys 2019 ouster of ruler Omar al-Bashiraccused of war crimes and crimes against humanity by the International Criminal Courthad opened the door to a new peace process that all parties hoped would bring an end to armed hostilities in Darfur. PILPG was again advising negotiators, who were working to finalize a stronger agreementseveral chapters of which were based on a thorough and more enforceable agreement that Matt and Professor Williams had drafted as an alternative to the flawed 2011 deal.28 2021'