b'2021 RICHARD MINTZ PRO BONO AWARD WINNERS Nick Armington, Nadia Do Canto, and Rithika KulathilaThe Pro Bono Committee was so impressed by the enthusiasm and commitment of Mintz attorneys Nick Armington and Nadia Do Canto and former Mintz attorney Rithika Kulathila, who tackled systemic racism through the establishment of a criminal records sealing clinic with the Lawyers Clearinghouse. The clinic helps individuals seal or expunge their criminal records, removing signi cant barriers that make it difficult to pursue future employment, housing, and educational opportunities. The project has been a huge success at Mintz, with 32 attorneys and professional staffhelping over 30 individuals this last year.SUE FINEGANChair, Mintz Pro Bono Committee40 2021'