b'PRO BONO HONORSTheMintzImmigrationPracticewasLaw360s2020Practicetoconstructionlawyersandrelievingthefinancialstrainon Group of the Year in thatarea, selected for its legal capabilities,organizations in need of construction law services. high-profilesuccesses,andextensiveprobonoengagement.Sue Finegan was the inaugural recipient of the Ralph D. Gants Mintzwastheonlylawfirmrecognizedin2020intheAwardforExtraordinaryLeadershipinProBonoService, Immigration category.conferred by the Standing Committee on Pro Bono Legal Services TheBostonBarAssociationrecognizedtheCOVIDReliefoftheMassachusettsSupremeJudicialCourt.Theaward Coalition, a consortium of law firms including Mintz, nonprofits,recognizes Sues outstanding pro bono contributions, including andMassachusettsgovernmentagencies,withits2020improving access to justice, serving as lead counsel on numerous EmpowermentAward,inconjunctionwiththe2020Beaconhigh-profile pro bono litigation matters, and managing over 300 Awards for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. In its advocacy with thepro bono cases across the firm.organization, Mintz provided legal assistance to nonprofits andTheStandingCommitteeonProBonoLegalServicesofthe businesses impacted by COVID. Massachusetts Supreme Court Judicial Court named 50 Mintz Law360 included the Pereira Brito et al. v. Barr et al. case, alawyers to its 2020 Pro Bono Honor Roll for individual attorneys, habeas corpus alien detainee lawsuit, in its Massachusetts Casesincluding 21 to its High Honor Roll. The distinction requires a to Watch in 2021. Mintz attorneys Sue Finegan, Susan Cohen,minimum of 50 hours of pro bono legal services in the previous Andrew Nathanson, Mathilda S. McGee-Tubb, and Ryan Doughertycalendar year, and 100 for the high honor roll. partnered with the ACLU of Massachusetts and the ACLU of New2020HonorRoll:MintzattorneysKeunjungKJCho, Hampshire to file this class action lawsuit. AmandaL.Clairmont,AngelFeng,ElissaFlynn-Poppey, The National Legal Aid and Defender Association honored MintzEmma Follansbee,Steve Ganis, Natalie C. Groot, Nicole E. with a 2021 Beacon of Justice Award, recognizing the work theHenry, Courtney Herndon, Page R. Hubben, Brie Kluytenaar, firm undertook in 2020 to address racial disparities.Kaitlyn C. Leonard, Evelyn Limn, Alain P. Mathieu, Jennifer Mather McCarthy, Patrick E. McDonough, Jeffrey A. Moerdler, D.C. KinCare Alliance awarded Mintz its Pro Bono Award forCassandraL.Paolillo,ClareProber,KatiPajakStrzelczyk, outstanding pro bono service. Stephen M. Weiner, Lavinia M. Weizel, and Alec Zadek; retired The District of Columbias Access to Justice Commission namedMintz attorney Susan P. Phillips; and former Mintz attorneys five attorneys from Mintz to its 2019 Capital Pro Bono Honor RollClancy Galgay, Bryan J. Jennings, Hana M. Sahdev, Adrienne (Jennifer R. Budoff and former Mintz attorneys Elizabeth K. Conti,K. Walker, and Rebecca L. Zeidel Donald C. Davis, Elana Reman Safner, and Aarti Shah). 2020 High Honor Roll: Mintz attorneys Nicholas W. Armington, The American College of Construction Lawyers selected WilliamPeter A. Biagetti, Elizabeth B. Burnett, Jason L. Burrell, Susan Hill as a Fellow in 2020, an honor extended by invitation only toJ. Cohen, Kara M. Cormier, Edmund P. Daley, Peter Demuth, those who have mastered the practice or teaching of constructionAndrew H. DeVoogd, Nadia C. Do Canto, Ryan T. Dougherty, lawandrelateddisputeresolution.TheawardreflectedWillsSusan M. Finegan, Katharine K. Foote, Caitlin A. Hill, David exemplary work founding and now chairing Building for Good,J.Kete,MarthaJ.Koster,MathildaS.McGee-Tubb,Emily anorganizationdedicatedtoofferingprobonoopportunitiesKanstroom Musgrave, Andrew N. Nathanson, and Alyssa C. Scruggs as well as former Mintz attorney Rithika Kulathila42 2021'