b'Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly recognized Sue Finegan as oneAramehZarghamOBoyleandAbigailOBrientreceived of its 2020 Lawyers of the Year, its annual list of leading legaldistinctionas2021BusinessofLawVisionariesfromthe professionals and forward-thinkers in the community. The awardLosAngelesTimesinaspecialeditionofthemagazine.In in part recognized Sues pioneering work, in partnership with theaddition to their successes and accomplishments over the past 24 ACLU chapters of Massachusetts and New Hampshire, to achieve amonths, the award recognized their exemplary leadership within groundbreaking victory for immigrants rights in the class actioncommunities across Southern California.lawsuit Pereira Brito et al. v. Barr et al. TheStandingCommitteeonProBonoLegalServicesofthe CrainsNewYorkBusinessincludedCourtneyRockettinitsMassachusetts Supreme Court Judicial Court named 48 Mintz 2021 Notable Women in Law list, in recognition of her careerlawyers to its 2021 Pro Bono Honor Roll for individual attorneys, achievementsandsteadfastcommitmenttotheNewYorkincluding 31 to its High Honor Roll. The distinction requires a City community.minimum of 50 hours of pro bono legal services in the previous TheD.C.AccesstoJusticeCommissionnamedDanielleM.calendar year, and 100 for the high honor roll.BereznayandEvelynA.Frenchtoits2020CapitalProBono2021 Honor Roll:Mintz attorneys Daniel J. Goodrich, Rachel Honor Roll,andMintzattorneyOKelly E. McWilliamstotheIrving Pitts, Grady R. Campion, Cassandra L. Paolillo, Evelyn High Honor Roll.Limn,CourtneyHerndon,MichaelE.Pastore,AlainP. Mathieu,JaneT.Haviland,StephenM.Weiner,GinnyH. Mintz Chairman Robert Popeo was once again featured on BostonLee, Emma Follansbee, Laura E. Martin, Caitlin A. Hill, and Magazines list of Most Powerful People in Boston, as the 24thAlexander J. Civetta as well as former Mintz attorneys Sally Gu most influential leader in the city. His inclusion attests to his keyand Michelle ChoirolesinreformingtheMassachusettscourtsystem,hisactive2021HighHonorRoll:MintzattorneysNicholasW. involvement in numerous charitable endeavors, and his robustArmington, Peter A. Biagetti, Jason L. Burrell, Elizabeth B. support of pro bono engagement across Mintz. Burnett, Delaney M. Busch, Susan J. Cohen, Edmund P. Daley, TheLosAngelesBusinessJournalnamedAramehZarghamPeter Demuth, Nadia C. Do Canto, Ryan T. Dougherty, Susan OBoyle to its Most Influential Women Lawyers in LA for theM. Finegan, Elissa Flynn-Poppey, Katharine K. Foote, Deborah fourth consecutive year. Only 75 women received the honor, whichJ. Frisch, Kara E. Grogan, Natalie C. Groot, Emily Kanstroom in part recognizes contributions to the Los Angeles communityMusgrave, David J. Kete, Julie E. Korostoff, Martha J. Koster, at large.KaitlynC.Leonard,NanaLiu,CatherineS.Lombardo, MassachusettsLawyersWeeklynamedCharlesA.KoechtoMathilda S. McGee-Tubb, Andrew N. Nathanson, Clare Prober, its Up & Coming Lawyers list as part of the publications 2021Alyssa C. Scruggs, and Thomas H. Wintner as well as former ExcellenceintheLawAwards.ThedistinctionrecognizestheMintzattorneysBryanJennings,RithikaKulathila,and risingstarsofthelocallegalcommunitywhohavepracticedRebecca Zeidelfor10yearsorlessandspecificallyhighlightedhisextensiveMassachusettsLawyersWeeklynamedElissaFlynn-Poppeyto community involvement.its 2021 Top Women of LawCircle of Excellence. Previously The2021ChambersDiversity&InclusionAwardsshortlistrecognized in the Top Women in the Law, the Circle of Excellence included Sue Finegan for Pro Bono Lawyer of the Year and Alainrepresents an elite group of just five honorees whose achievements Mathieu for Future Leader of the Year. The shortlist shines ameritadditionalrecognition.Thisspecialinductionreflects spotlight on role models and trailblazers in pro bono advocacyElissasdecades-longleadershipinthelegalprofessionand and corporate social responsibility as well as inclusion efforts. the community. Law360 recognized Lavinia Weizel and Kelly Frey on its 2021 TopMintz attorneys Nicholas Armington and Nadia Do Canto, along Attorneys Under 40. Chosen as standouts in Insurance and Realwith former Mintz attorney Rithika Kulathila, received the 2021 Estate, respectively, Lavinia and Kelly were among 180 attorneysRichard Mintz Pro Bono Award, presented annually on behalf of selected from a pool of more than 1,400 candidates whose legalthe firm to attorneys who demonstrate exemplary commitment accomplishments transcend their age. Pro bono work was onetoprobonowork.The2021awardrecognizedthehonorees criteria for this award.dedicatedeffortswithlong-standingMintzprobonopartner Lawyers Clearinghouse to staff a Massachusetts Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) sealing clinic.TRANSCENDING // Mintz Pro Bono Journal 43'