b'T R A N S C E N D I N GEven in the face of traumatic situations, systemic injustice, andof origin, or discrimination and unjust laws. Through this work, deep-rooted societal barriers, transcending our circumstanceswe are able to help them achieve direly needed life-changing is within our reach when were able to get the right kind ofcircumstances through courts, governments, and community assistance at the right time. By working together to strive towardorganizations. Our teams also shape case law through litigation better outcomes, no matter how insurmountable the hurdles orto redress legal or societal wrongs and provide vital services to unlikely success may seem, we can set in motion an evolutionnonprofit organizations that serve vulnerable communities. likely to shift both our circumstances and our point of view andMintz remains dedicated to providing the highest quality legal create lasting, positive change.representationtopeopleworkingtoovercomeexceptional In partnership with nonprofit legal referral agencies, Mintzhardshipsorgainaccesstonewopportunitiesandto attorneys and professionals use their capabilities and insight tocounseling organizations that help these populations. We are assist individual clients who have endured horrific hardships inhonored to play a part in their journeys, supporting them as the form of physical attacks or abuse, violence in their countriesthey transcend obstacles and pursue a world of new possibilities.RRobert PopeoRobert IBodian Susan MFineganChairman Managing MemberChair, Pro Bono CommitteeTRANSCENDING // Mintz Pro Bono Journal 1'