b'EQUALITY WINSWITH MASSACHUSETTS VOTERS(continued)Toensurecompliancewithstateethicslaw,pride in using our skills and resources to advance Elissaalsoworkeddirectlywithpoliticianssocial justice in our communities. andlawenforcementsopoliceofficerscouldAftertwoyears,theYeson3campaignwas express their support for the Yes on 3 campaignsuccessful, making the Commonwealth the first incompliancewiththeregulations.Itwasstate in the nation to defend transgender rights by invaluable to have voters hear why they supportedpopular vote. I am so proud to be part of a firm the law and to debunk the many myths, Elissathat took on this substantial challenge when no said.Forexample,lawenforcementletvotersone else was willing to provide a voice against knowthattheyreunawareofanytransgenderdiscrimination,Elissasaid.Iamthrilledthat individualattackingsomeoneinabathroomFreedom for All Massachusetts prevailed at the inMassachusetts.Rather,itistheopposite ballot box, but win or lose, we would never regret transgender people are the ones who are attackedstepping up to do the right thing and ensuring and need our protection.everyones civil rights are protected. Mintzs help went far beyond legal services. The team dropped off yard signs, helped to get out the vote, and hosted a Yes on 3 campaign kickoff event aswellascorporateeventstohelpbusinesses understandwhytheMassachusettslawwould benefit their workforce and recruitment efforts. Theirworkreceivedoverwhelmingsupport fromattorneysandstaffatMintz,including firm leadership.We were pleased to partner with Freedom for AllMassachusettstodefendcivilrightsand ensure equal protection under the law, Managing MemberBobBodiansaid.Mintzalwayshas prioritizedgivingback,andwetakeparticular 18 2019'