b'A BROADERP E R S P E C T I V EMintzattorneysandprofessionalswhoparticipateinpro bono work witness the life-changing power of the lawand of strong legal representationthrough the eyes and experiences of more than 300 pro bono clients each year. Workingwithvulnerableindividuals,membersofourpro bono team see first-hand how a ruling can alter the course of a life, change a familys future, and affect countless others, rippling through a clients extended community. When our attorneys contribute to national legal arguments that may help determine the outcomes of Supreme Court decisions affecting at-risk people across the country, their work is informed by experiences assisting individuals on a local level.Laws and judicial decisions have real impacts, though these areoftenhiddenfromview.Keepingtheneedsofourpro bono clients in focus helps us appreciate the importance of ensuring justice for all. PERSPECTIVES // Mintz Pro Bono Journal 47'