b'ADDITIONAL PRO BONO HIGHLIGHTS (continued)attorneys and individual litigants, assisting clients in financialAttorneys Russell Fox and Jonathan Markman and legal assistant needbysecuringfavorablesettlementsandavoidingdefaultKimberly Gilchrist, with assistance from others, have continued judgments on indigent defendants credit reports. toworkoncommunicationsregulatoryissuesforHatzalah. In 2015, the team obtained a landmark ruling from the Federal HATZALAH Communications Commission (FCC) allowing Hatzalah to be the first nongovernmental entity authorized by the FCC to receive Hatzalah is the largest volunteer ambulance service in the Unitedcaller ID information for blocked landlines, and the team is now States, with 14 local chapters in the New York metropolitan area;working on a similar application for cell phones. The attorneys over 1,400 emergency medical technicians, paramedics, physicianthen successfully sought a similar ruling from the New York Public assistants, and MDs; and almost 100 ambulances covering muchService Commission. In addition, they have handled various other of New York City, the Catskills, and portions of Nassau County.FCC permitting applications for Hatzalahs private radio broadcast Hatzalah operates in a unique manner in that no one sits in anantenna network including a major update this year of Hatzalahs ambulance waiting for calls; rather, members carry radios andFCC permit to use the radios that its members carry.respond from wherever they are in their personal cars, whichJeffandattorneyGregJaskeregularlyhandleantennalease are New York Statecertified emergency response vehicles thatnegotiationsforHatzalahsantennanetwork.AttorneySusan areequippedwithextensiveemergencymedicalequipmentWeller, legal specialist Jacobo Dib, and Jeff have been renewing and lights and sirens. Sending several members from whereverand expanding Hatzalahs trademark protections and reviewing they are at the time the call comes out allows Hatzalah to haverelated issues. Attorney Dianne Bourque also regularly advises extraordinarily fast response times as someone will be close toHatzalahonHIPAAandrelatedpatientconfidentialityissues. the patient. The first member on scene has the necessary medicalAttorneys Avi Reshtick and David Salamon have addressed tax equipment in his or her car to immediately begin providing careissues related to Hatzalahs nonprofit status.while waiting for another member to bring one of the strategically located local ambulances to transport the patient to the hospital. HUMAN TRAFFICKING REPRESENTATIONMintz provided a variety of legal services to the organization, under the guidance of attorney Jeff Moerdler. Jeff is an EMT withAttorneysacrossthefirmarecontinuingMintzslong-standing Hatzalah and co-president of its local chapter in Riverdale wherecommitment to representing human trafficking survivors. Through he lives. He also serves on the executive board of the citywidea relationship facilitated by attorney Melissa Brayman, Mintz is umbrella organization and as co-chair of its legal committee.assisting the Casa Cornelia Law Center in San Diego in its work to 38 2019'