b'meals the organization provides for homeless shelters, schools,with Maryann and Susan has included attorney Rebecca Lee and andnonprofitseachyear.Itsotherventureshelppreventtheformer Mintz attorney Daniel Johnston as well as legal specialists waste of millions of pounds of nutritious food and expand accessMichelle McDonagh and Diana Crockett in the Real Estate Practice to healthy, local options in urban food deserts. Finally, DC CentralandlegalspecialistKatieDurhamintheEnvironmentalLaw Kitchenalsoscalesitsmodel,formingstrategicpartnershipsPractice. Attorney Tony Starr worked on the design agreement with colleges and universities through which student volunteersfor the new building, and he and attorney Rebecca Raphaelson transformunusedfoodfromdininghalls,grocerystores,drafted and negotiated the construction contract. (See page 25 for restaurants, and farmers markets into meals that are delivered tomore information.) ESH has sold its existing building to St. Marys local agencies serving those in need.Home for Women and Children, another nonprofit doing similar Mintz has supported DC Central Kitchen as pro bono employmentwork.UnderaleaseagreementarrangedwithSt.Marys,the counselsince2011.Thispastyear,theMintzprobonoteamresidents and staff of ESH will remain in its current building until includedattorneysDavidBarmak,TyroneThomas,Donaldthe new building is constructed. ESH has broken ground for its Davis, and Jennifer Budoff. In 2018, David helped DC Centralnew building and hopes to complete the new building by the fall Kitchen address employment law issues. Davids work helped DCof 2020.Central Kitchen empower future generations of college studentsTHE EPILEPSY FOUNDATION OF METROPOLITAN to fight food waste and hunger in communities across the country.NEW YORK (EFMNY)DonandJenniferassistedDCCentralKitchenwithseveralHR initiatives, including working on the organizations parental bondingTheEpilepsyFoundationofMetropolitanNewYork(EFMNY) leave policy, drug and alcohol policy, and nursing mother policy.isNewYorkCitysonlyspecializedorganizationcombining Tyrone Thomas has also assisted DC Central Kitchen throughoutcomprehensive epilepsy education, awareness, and advocacy with the year, helping to coordinate Mintzs work for the organization. individualized services such as counseling and vocational support for people with epilepsy and their families. Mintz attorneys Nili ELIZABETH STONE HOUSE YolinandDavidChorneyworkedwithEFMNYinconnection with drafting and negotiating key agreements with another New TheElizabethStoneHouse(ESH),locatedinRoxbury,York nonprofit.Massachusetts, is a nonprofit organization that works with women and children who are the victims of domestic violence and whoGREATER BOSTON LEGAL SERVICES: DEBT CLINICareoftenhomeless. ThegoalofESHistohelpthesefamilies obtainpermanenthousing,personalsafety,andeconomicFacilitatedbyMattBrooks,aGreaterBostonLegalServices stability. Mintz has worked with ESH since 1987 when attorneysstaff attorney and the firms former Equal Justice Works Fellow at Mintz helped ESH build its current facility. Both attorney SusanwithFidelityInvestments,theConsumerDebtCollection PhillipsandMintzattorneyemeritusMaryannCivitellohaveClinic invites volunteer attorneys, paralegals, and staff to assist served on the board of ESH for many years, with Maryann servingindividualdefendantsatdebtcollectionproceedingsatthe asboardpresidentandoverseeingESHsgrowthandplanningRoxburyMunicipalCourt.Interestedvolunteersassistwith for expansion. intake interviews and documents, client counseling, settlement In 2017, 2018, and 2019, attorneys and paralegals in the firms Realnegotiations, and hearing preparations. Clients debt is often in Estate, Environmental Law, and Litigation practices worked withdispute, and debt collection agencies that have bought and sold ESH to achieve its goal of constructing a new building in Roxburythe debt several times over are often unable to establish a chain that will double the number of apartments available to serve itsof title. With debt collection proceedings involving unrepresented residents and, for the first time, provide them with a certified daydefendants in nearly 99% of cases, the ultimate goal of the clinic care center and a gym. The Mintz team working on this projectis to offset the information gap between debt collection agency (continued)PERSPECTIVES // Mintz Pro Bono Journal 37'