b'PRO BONO HONORSThe Massachusetts Office for Victim Assistance and the Victimdeveloping and successfully advocating for passage of legislation Witness Assistance Board recognized Mintz with the Corporatethat streamlines the process for sex trafficking victims to vacate Leadership Award at the annual Victim Rights Awards Ceremony.their related convictions for prostitution or drug possession.This award is to acknowledge the firms notable contributions toTheMassachusettsBarFoundation(MBF)recognizedSue advancing victim rights and services and to making a difference inFinegan with its Great Friend of Justice Award. The MBFs Great the lives of victims and survivors in Massachusetts. Friend of Justice Award is presented annually to an individual who The Second Step recognized both Mintz and Sue Finegan withhas demonstrated extraordinary passion for justice, consistent its Founders Award in recognition of their deep commitmentwith the MBFs values and mission of increasing access to justice to providing pro bono assistance to domestic violence survivors.throughout Massachusetts.TheSecondStepisacommunityofsurvivors,advocates,andTheUnitedStatesBankruptcyCourtfortheDistrictof volunteers who foster the safety, stability, and well-being of thoseMassachusettsnamedKerimeAkoglu,CharlesAzano,Eric who have experienced domestic violence. The Founders AwardBlythe, Adrienne Walker, and Kevin Walsh to its Pro Bono Honor isgivenannuallytoexceptionalcommunitymemberswhoRoll. Thecourtrecognizedtheeffortsofthoseattorneyswho reflect the vision, energy, and dedication of the Founders of Theprovide legal assistance, without compensation, to those who face Second Step. substantial economic hardship so that they are able to navigate The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court awarded Alec Zadekthrough the bankruptcy process.one of three 2018 Adams Pro Bono Publico Awards. Alec wasThe District of Columbia Courts recognized Donald Davis and recognized for his pro bono work on behalf of victims of sexJoanneHawanaasmembersoftheir2018CapitalProBono traffickinganddomesticviolence,includinghisleadershipinHonor Roll.32 2019'