b'ADDITIONAL PRO BONO HIGHLIGHTS (continued)CHANGE FOR KIDS than $100,000 in scholarships and has advocated for legislative Change for Kids has a storied history of investing in New Yorkchange in a number of states, with the goal of enacting legislation Citys most deserving youth for 25 years. In those years, Changethat will protect children across the country. Mintz has helped for Kids has transitioned from rescuing resources for underservedprotect the foundations trademarks, continued to handle further schools to creating opportunities for kids to help them overcomeagreements related to charitable work, and prepared real estate inequity. Currently serving 5,000 students at 13 schools in all fivetransaction documentation related to the donation of plots of land NYC boroughs, Change for Kids endeavors to help young peopleby a generous donor. The team has also worked on legal issues reimagine what is possible in their lives and careers. ProvidingconcerningadocumentarycreatedbyChelseasbrother, Tyler children with more opportunities enables them to envision theirKing.ChelseasLight:ABrothersJourney,whichpremiered options for the future.at the San Diego Film Festival, tells Chelseas story from Tylers perspective while raising awareness about sexual violence against Daiyah Brown, a fifth grader from Change for Kids partner schoolchildren and looking at how the criminal justice system often fails PS 160 in Queens, New York, shares that she wants the opportunityto protect them. The full documentary can be viewed online at to be a lawyer. She understands that lawyers research, write, andchelseaslight.org/about-us.interview, and she has honed her skills this year through programs that the organization has provided for her academic and personalCONCUSSION LEGACY FOUNDATIONgrowth. Mintz lawyer Andrew Bernstein has provided Change for Kids with employment advice during many of its transitions.TheConcussionLegacyFoundation(CLF)isdedicatedto Daiyah looks up to Mr. Bernstein, recognizing that his hard workadvancingthestudy,treatment,andpreventionoftheeffects and dedication have enhanced his ability to positively contributeof brain trauma in athletes and other at-risk groups, including to Change for Kids impact on her life. members of the military. Through its efforts, CLF aims to keep athletes safe, especially children participating in youth sports, CHELSEAS LIGHT FOUNDATION and to promote awareness of the risks of concussions and brain trauma. CLF has been at the forefront of raising awareness about In 2010, San Diego high school senior Chelsea King went for a runconcussionrisks,andMintzandCLFhaveworkedtogether in broad daylight and did not return. Five days later, her remainssince2008astheorganizationhasgrown.AttorneysKeith werediscoveredinashallowgrave.ChelseahadbeenrapedCarroll, Brian Dunphy, Kelly Frey, Cynthia Larose, and Steve and strangled by a known sexual predator. Following ChelseasWeiner, and former Mintz attorney Kate Stewart, have provided death, her parents, Brent and Kelly King, established a nonprofitCLF with guidance and advice on a range of matters, including charitable foundation in her name and helped pass a California lawhealthlaw,corporate,contract,dataprivacy,andintellectual that increases penalties and parole provisions for, and oversightproperty matters.of, violent sexual predators convicted of attacking children. Since thepassageofthatlegislation,ChelseasLaw,theKingshaveDC CENTRAL KITCHENpushed for similar legal reforms across the nation. Chelseas Light Foundationempowersindividualstohelpsafeguardchildren,Thenationsfirstandleadingcommunitykitchen,DCCentral sponsors youth programs, and provides scholarships to high schoolKitchendevelopsandoperatessocialventurestargetingthe seniors who share Chelseas commitment to positive change. cycle of hunger and poverty. Its flagship social ventures include AttorneyAndrewSkalestartedworkingwithChelseasLightCulinary Job Training, Community Meals, Healthy School Food, shortly after it was founded, and is now a board member. Alongand Healthy Corners.withattorneysOwenKirkandTaliTuchin,aswellaslegalThrough its Culinary Job Training venture, DC Central Kitchen specialist Jacobo Dib, he worked on a variety of matters for thefights hunger by training jobless adults for culinary careers and organization. With the firms help, the foundation has funded morethen hiring dozens of its own graduates to prepare the 3 million 36 2019'