b'A LIFELINEFOR DOMESTIC VIOLENCE SURVIVORSWhenJanicetoldherhusbandMikethatservice,andcharitable-givingprograms.The she wanted a divorce, he attacked herpullingproject has expanded to encompass legal work herhairandsqueezinghersohardthatsherelated to all types of gender violence, including was unable to breathe. Though she was able tosexual assault and trafficking, with about 25 to 30 convince Mike to leave the house shortly afterpercent of the firms pro bono work now related toI wanted to reach the attack, Janice was afraid his violent behaviorsuch work.Four of the firms offices participate inout and say thank would only escalate.this initiative.you so very much Withhelpfromavictimwitnessadvocate,Alongwithrepresentingindividualdomestic Janiceobtainedanemergencyrestrainingviolencesurvivors,Mintzservesasleadfor all the help order requiring Mike to stay away from her andcounselinrelatedappellatecases;advocatesyou gave me for theirthreeyoungchildren.However,becausefor legislative change at the state and nationalmy hearing. I was emergency restraining orders are only in effectlevels;andadvisesadvocacyorganizationson for10days,andJaniceknewMikesparentsabroadspectrumoflegalissues,includinggranted a full-would hire a lawyer for him, Janice began lookinggovernance, employment, real estate, litigation,year restraining for her own legal representation. Mintz attorneyandtrademarks.Asforcommunityservice, Dave Kete took the case after the Womens BarbothMintzattorneysandnon-attorneystafforder against my Foundationthe charitable arm of the Womensalso participate in the project through programshusband. I feel like Bar Association of Massachusettsconducted anlike a backpack collection drive, started in 2003, initial intake interview with Janice. through which the firm has collected more thanI can start to move Drawing on his background as a Massachusetts4,785 backpacks filled with school supplies forforward now.state prosecutor, Dave worked to build a case fororganizations that help the children of domestic Janice in just a few days. With assistance fromviolence survivors. JANICEDomestic Violence former Mintz project analyst Olivia Castor, DaveThefirmscommitmenttogenderviolenceisSurvivordraftedasupplementalaffidavitdetailingthelong-standing and deep in breadth and scope, historyofthecouplesrelationship,includingsaid Sue Finegan, the Chair of Mintzs Pro Bono Mikes repeated unfaithfulness, the brutal attack,Committee. Weve been able to help so many andMikessubsequentviolationoftheinitialindividual survivors and the organizations that restraining order. At the court hearing, over Mikeserve them.and his attorneys objections, Dave convinced theFor attorneys like Dave, domestic violence cases judge to extend the restraining order for a year. provideanopportunitytohelpvictimswho It was really meaningful for me because I hadmight not otherwise be able to hire a lawyer, so experience helping victims of domestic violencethat theyre able to break away from dangerous indirectly when I was a prosecutor, Dave said.and potentially life-threatening circumstances.IwashappyIcouldusethatknowledgetoA very minimal amount of our time can have represent a survivor.ahugeimpactonthelifeofsomebodygoing For 30 years, Mintz attorneys have helped overthrough this process, Dave said. Its gratifying 1,000clientslikeJaniceacrossthecountryto help someone like Janice get protection from throughtheDomestic ViolenceProject,whichthe law.isthefirmssignatureinitiativeforprobono, PERSPECTIVES // Mintz Pro Bono Journal 21'