Our Approach

We understand that in today’s competitive legal service landscape, know-how and responsiveness are givens. We also understand that value means more to you than a number on a bill. You define value according to your own criteria. That's why we engage in a formal client feedback program that invites you to tell us what we’re doing well, where we can improve, and how we can better anticipate your evolving needs. Based on that feedback and our experience, we have developed a customized approach to client service that helps us maximize the value you will realize when working with us.


Rule #1 in business: No surprises! We work with you to define the scope of our engagement and then collaborate with your team to develop a strategy and budget. We will actively manage your matter, and at predetermined, mutually agreed-upon intervals, we’ll discuss our progress so you know exactly where you stand. If there are any unexpected twists and turns along the way, you can rest assured that your Mintz Levin team will let you know.


At our joint team kick-off meeting, we’ll discuss how — and how often — you’d like us to provide updates on your matter’s status and budget, and how you would prefer to be billed. We will of course provide you with updates at any time, upon request. But we find that scheduling formal updates benefits everyone.


From the start, we work with you to explore your strategic options, and collaborate with your team to develop an approach that meets your business objectives. Our disciplined staffing and project management practices result in the most efficient use of resources possible without sacrificing the quality of our service. A welcome by-product of this approach is that our fees typically align with your expectations.

Alternative Fee Arrangements

When it comes to fees, you always have a choice. More than a third of our fees last year were earned through alternative billing arrangements — and we don’t mean discounts. When it comes to applying discount arrangements, however, we are open to reducing the hourly rates or employing a tiered volume discount arrangement. We also have experience with blended rates, retainers (budget-based or calendar-based), contingency arrangements, fixed/flat fee arrangements, capped fee arrangements, and capped fee arrangements with a collar. We have successfully engaged with our clients in arrangements that combine one of these methods with a risk/reward component, such as a success fee. Finally, for our institutional clients, for which we do a broad range of legal work and business counsel, we have developed customized menus linking specific services to win/win pricing options.