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Foreign Cases and Opt-Out Opportunities Analyzed in 2017-2019

Action (Jurisdiction) Year 
American Realty Capital Partners a/k/a/ VEREIT (U.S. Opt-Out Opportunity) 2018
AMP Limited (Australia) 2018
Ashley Services Group (Australia) 2018
Australian Bank Rate Antitrust (U.S. Opt-Out Opportunity) 2018
Banca Monte dei Oaschi di Siena (Italy) 2018
Bay Zu Precision Co., Ltd. (Taiwan) 2018
Bayer AG (Germany) 2019
Bellamy's (Australia)  2018
BHP Billiton (Australia)  2018
BRF S.A. (Brazil) 2019
CBL Corporation (New Zealand) 2019
Come True Biomedical Co., Ltd. (Taiwan) 2018
Daimler AG (Germany) 2018
Danske Bank (Denmark) 2018
ENG Electronic Company (Taiwan) 2018
Estia Health Limited (Australia) 2018
Euribor Antitrust (U.S. Opt-Out Opportunity) 2018
European Government Bonds Antitrust (U.S. Opt-Out Opportunity) 2018
Euroyen Antitrust (U.S. Opt-Out Opportunity) 2018
Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Bonds Antitrust (U.S. Opt-Out Opportunity) 2018
Fortis (Netherlands) 2019
G8 Education Limited (Australia)  2018
General Electric (U.S. Opt-Out Opportunity)  2018
GetSwift (Australia) 2018
Glencore (UK) 2019
GNC (U.S. Opt-Out Opportunity) 2018
Grand Ocean Group (Taiwan) 2018
GSE Bonds Antitrust (U.S. Opt-Out Opportunity 2018
HH Leasing & Financial Corporation   (Taiwan) 2019
Hwa Ya Technology Co. Ltd. and Nanya Technology Corp.   (Taiwan) 2019
ICE LIBOR Antitrust (U.S. Opt-Out Opportunity) 2018
Ichia Technologies Inc.  (Taiwan) 2019
Inotera Memories, Inc.; renamed to Micron Technology Taiwan, Inc.   (Taiwan) 2019
Interest Rate Swaps Antitrust (U.S. Opt-Out Opportunity) 2018
ISDAfix Antitrust (U.S. Opt-Out Opportunity) 2018
Jhen Vei Electronic Co., LTD. (Taiwan) 2018
Jian Sin Industrial Co., Ltd. (Taiwan) 2019
Jian Sun Industrial Co., Ltd. (Taiwan) 2018
JPM ADR FX (U.S. Opt-Out Opportunity) 2018
Kraft Heinz (U.S. Opt-Out Opportunity) 2019
Kwang Ming Silk  Mill, Co., Ltd. (Taiwan) 2018
Lendlease Corporation Limited (Australia) 2018
LM Investmenet Management Limited (Australia) 2018
Mexican Bonds Antitrust (U.S. Opt-Out Opportunity) 2018
Murray Gouldburn Co-operative Co. Limited (Australia) 2018
Nanya Technology Corp.   (Taiwan) 2019
Nissan (Japan) 2019
Novo Nordisk (Denmark) 2018
Novo Nordisk (Denmark) 2019
Petrobras (Netherlands) 2019
Petrofac Limited (Petrofac) (England) 2018
Pihsiang Machinery Mfg. Co., Ltd. (Taiwan) 2018
Porsche (Germany) 2018
Porsche (Germany) 2018
Quintis (Australia) 2018
Quintis (Australia) 2019
RC Tomlinson (Australia) 2019
RCR Tomlinson Limited (Australia) 2018
Reliq Health (Canada) 2018
Retail Food Group (Australia) 2018
SEC ADR Settlements (U.S. Opt-Out Opportunity) 2018
Serco (UK) 2019
Shin Tai Industry (Taiwan) 2018
Siliconware Precision Industries (Taiwan) 2018
Sino American Electronics Co., Ltd. (Taiwan) 2018
Slater and Gordon (Australia) 2018
Slater and Gordon (Australia) 2019
Steinhoff International Holdings NV (Germnay/Netherlands/South Africa) 2018
Sunrise International Development Co Ltd.  (Taiwan) 2019
SuperAlloy International Co. Ltd. (Taiwan) 2019
SuperAlloy International Co., Ltd. (Taiwan) 2018
Swedbank AB (Sweden) 2018
Swedbank AG (Sweden) 2019
Ta Chong Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.   (Taiwan) 2019
Tanvex BioPharma, Inc. (Taiwan) 2019
Tatung Company (Taiwan) 2018
Test-Serv, Inc. (Taiwan) 2018
Treasury Wine (Australia) 2019
Trinity Precision Technology Co., Ltd. (Taiwan_ 2019
UK FX 2019
Union Plus Technology Co., Ltd. (Taiwan) 2018
Union Plus Technology Co., Ltd. (Taiwan) 2019
Vacron Technology Co., Ltd. (Taiwan) 2018
Vacron Technology Co., Ltd. (Taiwan) 2019
Vale (Brazil) 2019
Westpac (Australia) 2019
WINTEK Corp.   (Taiwan) 2019
Wirecard (Germany) 2019
Woolworths (Australia) 2019
Yung Po Technology Co. Ltd.   (Taiwan) 2019