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Franchising & Rights-of-Way Issues

  • Represent NCTA in its efforts to ensure that local government entry requirements and fees do not hamper the deployment of broadband and other advanced services.
  • Represented NCTA before the Sixth Circuit in the appeal of the FCC’s “Section 621 Order,” addressing the extent of local authority over non-cable services and ability to impose in-kind obligations in excess of federal limits on fee requirements.
  • Conduct and advise on negotiations with local governments and franchising authorities for cable operators and telecommunications service providers across the country.
  • Represented Cox as lead Federal law counsel in connection with Cox’s Federal court challenge to a decision by the City of Tempe, AZ to award Google Fiber a license to use the City’s rights-of-way to provide video service without obtaining a franchise and pursuant to terms and conditions more favorable and less burdensome than the terms and conditions of Cox’s cable franchise.