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International Bar Association's Annual Conference



Date: September 19, 2016

Time: 10:30AM - 1:30PM

Location: Washington, DC


  • Lobbying: the intersection of business, politics and the legal profession


Lobbying of government bodies and officials is on the rise around the world, with members of the legal profession playing a growing role in it.

A panel of deeply knowledgeable practitioners from five countries on four continents will tell it like it is – from lobbying’s core rationales and policy considerations to the differing approaches to the regulation of lobbying activities ranging from hyper-regulation in the US to avowed non-regulation in some less-developed jurisdictions. The panel’s members will bring their experience from the highest levels of private practice advocacy, government service and political involvement. As a special case, the panel will also discuss the increasingly controversial impact of “big money” in electoral campaigns in countries having active party politics, particularly the US. The panelists will conclude the session by offering guidance and practical tips to the practicing lawyers in the audience who may wish to interface with governments or other public administrations on behalf of clients seeking economic gain or protection, as well as other clients or interest groups promoting greater economic or social welfare as they see it.

The political atmosphere of the US in the height of the election season provides a fitting context to the discussion.