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Mintz Recognized as a Top Tier Firm for Client Service

Mintz today announced that BTI Consulting Group has named the firm a “powerhouse” on its list of "Midsize Law Firms Punching Way Above Their Weight." Mintz is one of six firms designated a "powerhouse" on the list featuring 37 firms that clients consider to have the highest level of client service.

“These firms are uber-responsive, dig deep, hard, and fast to find the answers. Always quick to embrace new approaches to billing and problems, these firms make sure clients always know who is accountable for their work and the relationship,” said Michael B. Rynowecer, President and Founder of BTI Consulting. “Clients report these firms bring industry understanding and the most important factor – an unfailing commitment to help. These overachievers are among the most active in providing up-close counsel and trusted advice.”

To compile the list, BTI Consulting conducted more than 340 in-depth interviews across 17 industries in the United States. According to BTI Consulting, no law firm can self-submit, refer a client, or pay to be included on any BTI Consulting list. To learn more about the list, please click here.