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Happy Reveal Day! The List of New gTLD Applications Is Now Available

Written by Geri Haight

ICANN published the list of applied-for gTLD character strings today.  Here is the list.  Take a look to see who has applied.  There are many applications for .BRANDS, like .AMERICANEXPRESS, .MACYS, and .LEGO.  The majority of applications seem to be for .GENERICS, such as .APP, .BASKETBALL, .BLOG, .BOOK, .GAME, .INSURANCE and .NEWS.  Interestingly, many applications for these .GENERICS have multiple applicants for the same gTLD (for example, .NEWS has 7 competing applicants and there are 13 applicants for .APP).  There are 3 competing applications for .SUCKS, which may serve as a portal for gripe sites. There are most likely many expected gTLDs that are not on the list but, at the outset, it appears that there are no applications for .FACEBOOK, .COKE, .PEPSI or .DISNEY.  The listing reflects that the world of politics is merging with the domain name world.  United TLD Holdco applied for .DEMOCRAT and .REPUBLICAN.  Interestingly, the Republican State Leadership Committee, Inc. applied for the gTLD .GOP, but there is no pending application for .DNC (Democratic National Committee).

ICANN premised its plan to expand the gTLD universe, in part, on its promise to make the Internet more accessible to people all over the world.  Even though the new gTLD plan allows new gTLDs to be in any language or character, the vast majority of applied-for gTLD strings are in English.

The list offers a fascinating view into the gTLD application process.  We will post more thoughts as work our way through the 53 page list of applied-for gTLDs.


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Geri Haight is a Mintz Member and former in-house counsel who focuses on employment litigation, counseling, and compliance, as well as intellectual property and trade secret matters.