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Law360′s “Exxon Opens a New Disclosure Frontier for Energy Finance”

With the establishment of a sustainable cap-and-trade program in California as well as the Obama administration’s stance on regulating greenhouse gas emissions, a changed regulatory landscape has emerged, imposing substantially more rigorous reporting requirements on financial institutions that invest in the energy sector either through debt or equity.

Mintz Levin’s Megan Gates and Jeremy Glaser and Enviance Inc.’s Lawrence Goldenhersh and Yann Risz recently published an article in Law 360 describing the SEC's guidance and GHG-related disclosure and reporting obligations now faced by financial institutions in a new regulatory world. The authors also provide recommendations for cost-effectively conducting the more rigorous risk analysis that is now required.

To read the full article, please visit Law360’s “Exxon Opens a New Disclosure Frontier for Energy Finance.”


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Chip Phinney