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ML Strategies Posts Weekly Health Care Update on March 9, 2015

ML Strategies has posted its weekly Health Care Update. This publication provides timely information on implementation of the Affordable Care Act, Congressional initiatives affecting the health care industry, and federal and state health regulatory developments.

The Senate HELP Committee held a bipartisan hearing this week on “Innovation for Healthier Americans,” which would advance steps to better align public policy to support medical innovation and patient access. This initiative parallels the 21st Century Cures initiative already in progress in the House.

Although the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Health’s hearing last week on the 340B drug pricing program was postponed, witness’ written testimony was briefly posted on the Committee’s website. The testimony discusses HRSA’s implementation of two GAO recommendations from 2011 to better oversee  the 340B program. While two additional GAO recommendations have yet to be implemented, HRSA intends to issue “omnibus guidance” in 2015 regarding multiple areas of oversight of the program. We posted a blog discussing the testimony in more detail last week.

Click here to read this week’s full Health Care Update.

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