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Event Recap: Mintz Hosts Former EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy

On June 20, Mintz and ML Strategies were thrilled to host Gina McCarthy, former U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator under President Obama. McCarthy was the featured speaker at the Alliance for Business Leadership “Progressive Power Hour” held in our Boston office. During the course of the hour, McCarthy shared her optimism for the environmental progress state and local governments can make and emphasized the role businesses can play in serving the public good. To learn more about the event, read on!

In her remarks, McCarthy discussed the great challenges facing our environment and economy with the U.S. pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement. As a former environmental advisor to five Massachusetts governors, McCarthy emphasized the progress that can be made at the state and local level and encouraged guests to focus on the difference they can make. She addressed the progress that was made during her four years as EPA Administrator, but stressed that before the Obama Administration’s leadership, states, cities, and businesses were leading the fight against climate change.

“Business leaders need to be forward leaning on this issue and do so in a public way,” advised McCarthy, to a room filled with business leaders of all levels. She discussed how businesses have a lot of visibility in their local communities, and can make a huge impact by participating in environmental efforts and investing in innovation.

Following her formal remarks, McCarthy answered questions related to challenges to environmental regulations decided by the Supreme Court, the role of local governments and businesses, working together as a New England community, and more. We enjoyed seeing so many members of the clean energy community come together for an engaging conversation, and were thrilled to host McCarthy and our guests!


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