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Confirmation Hearing for Commissioner Adler on June 11th

Update: Commissioner Adler has been confirmed as a witness for the June 11th hearing.

According to the Senate Commerce Committee's hearings calendar, the committee will be holding a nominations hearing on June 11th at 2:30pm to "consider several nominations." There are unconfirmed reports that the CPSC's current Acting Chairman, Bob Adler, who was renominated for a second term as a CPSC Commissioner by President Obama just a few weeks ago, will potentially be among the nominees appearing at the hearing.

The hearing notice also indicates there could be further action with respect to previous nominees. This could include Elliot Kaye and Joe Mohorovic, who appeared together for their confirmation hearing in April. The notice states:

It is possible that at some point during the hearing, the Committee will hold a short Executive Session to report out nominations that the Committee has previously considered.

If Kaye and Mohorovic are among the nominees reported out by the Committee, then they will await confirmation by the Senate. It remains to be seen how quickly the Committee will take action on Adler's nomination and whether Kaye and Mohorovic will be confirmed independently of Adler.

Either way, Adler is already a sitting Commissioner whose term (with a carryover year) will not expire until October 2015. If Kaye and Mohorovic are confirmed before the August recess (as many are expecting), then the Commission will return to five Commissioners for the first lengthy period of time* since August 2009 through October 2011, when Commissioner Thomas Moore retired after 16 years at the agency

*The Commission also had 5 Commissioners for a little over 3 months during 2013.



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