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Law Students

Mintz looks for the brightest and best talent. We need your vision, insight, and passion to keep us looking forward. Whether you are considering our summer program or looking for post-graduation employment, we can offer you opportunities to partner with our seasoned Members and to grow and develop professionally. We host summer associate programs in the following offices: Boston and San Diego.

On-Campus Recruiting Calendar

School Hiring Office Date
Boston Lawyers Group Diversity Job Fair Boston July 26, 2018
Georgetown Law Boston August 1, 2018
UCLA School of Law San Diego August 1, 2018
USC Gould School of Law San Diego August 2, 2018
University of San Diego School of Law San Diego August 2, 2018
Columbia Law School Boston August 3, 2018
NEBLSA Job Fair Boston August 3, 2018
University of Pennsylvania Law School Boston August 3, 2018
Harvard Law School Boston August 6, 2018
Boston College Law School Boston August 7, 2018
Boston University School of Law Boston August 7, 2018
Suffolk University Law School Boston August 7, 2018
New York University School of Law Boston August 8, 2018
Lavender Law Career Fair Boston August 10, 2018

** If we are recruiting on your campus but are not interviewing for your location of choice, please email the recruiting contact provided by your school.**

Recruiting Resources

Hiring Process:

1L Law Students

We do hire 1L students into our Summer Associate Programs.

2L Law Students

We visit 11 schools across the country for on-campus interviews. If you do not attend one of these schools, we also accept write-in applications. Please submit your resume, cover letter, and law school transcripts.

Given the size of our programs and the number of highly qualified students we meet, our hiring decisions may take longer than expected. Should you receive another offer or have an upcoming offer deadline, please let your recruiting coordinator know.

3L Law Students

Typically, we meet our entry-level needs through our Summer Associate Program. However, our needs sometimes change, and we may source entry-level candidates for opportunities throughout the year.

[email protected]Apply Here

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the summer program, and when does it begin?

Our summer program typically is nine weeks long, beginning in late May.

How does the assignment process work for the summer program?

Before the summer program begins, we ask each Summer Associate to indicate the departments and pro bono areas from which they would like to receive assignments, and we distribute the work accordingly. Throughout the program, Summer Associates are provided many opportunities to take on assignments from departments not on their initial lists and a broad array of pro bono assignments. We also strive to ensure that students work with a variety of attorneys. We do not assign Summer Associates to specific departments.

How does the evaluation process work?

After an assignment is completed, the assigning attorney is solicited to complete an evaluation form. The evaluation forms are compiled for the mid-summer and final reviews. We also strongly encourage each attorney to provide feedback directly to the Summer Associate after the assignment has been completed.

What types of training sessions will I attend as a Summer Associate?

We have a writing program that runs throughout the summer. We also host a mock trial, a venture capital training session, programs on the business of a law firm and legal ethics, and business lunch etiquette training. In addition, you’ll be invited to attend regularly scheduled Associate training sessions.

After on-campus interviews, when should I expect to hear from the firm about additional interviews?

We try to contact all candidates within one to three days following the on-campus interview.

If I’m invited back for a call-back interview, what can I expect?

Typically you’ll be interviewed in several 30-minute, one-on-one interviews with attorneys from a variety of practice areas. We work to tailor each interview schedule to match your interests and background.

How will the firm handle my interview travel expenses?

We pay for reasonable travel expenses for our out-of-town candidates who are invited for call-back interviews. Once the call-back process is complete, please submit copies of all your receipts and the NALP Travel reimbursement form to the legal recruiting department.

Does Mintz allow students to split their summer?

We encourage all our students to spend their entire summers with Mintz to get the most out of our Summer Associate Program.